CirqueClub /// TOTEM VOICES: An Original Webseries

Cirque du Soleil presents TOTEM VOICES: an original 8 episode original documentary webseries introducing select artists from TOTEM. The webseries offers a rare personal and authentic look at the artists embodying the characters inhabiting the imaginary world of TOTEM: Joe, Christian, Denise and Massimo, Pippo, Alya, Dmitry, Louis-David and Rosalie share in turn their joy, challenges and triumphs.

TOTEM VOICES | Episode: “Denise & Massimo”

Introducing Denise and Massimo, the Roller Skates Duo in TOTEM from Cirque du Soleil. From their caravan in Italy, these lovebirds share their life passion – the stage and their love for one another.

Check out Episode One – “Denise & Massimo” here!

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