CirqueClub /// From Artist to Artistic Director

For the Love of the Stage
Neelanthi has been Artistic Director for Saltimbanco since 2010. Her professional journey shows her love for the stage, which has grown as her career has progressed. She started a career as a professional dancer touring with Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal — a lifestyle she simply could not get enough of. In 2007, she joined Dralion to play Oceane. As coaching began to play a bigger role in her career, Neelanthi left the stage to become Assistant to the Artistic Director and eventually Artistic Director on Saltimbanco.

From Front Stage to Back Stage
“My transition from artist to Artistic Director is one of the turning points of my career. It is the fate of every artist: to know when to retire as an artist and how to grow in your craft. I’ll always remember my final Dralion performance. My family, friends and troupe were all behind me. It was such a memorable moment! But what came next would not have been as great without Cirque’s support, which provided for a smooth transition.”

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