CirqueTech — Illuminating KÀ, Part III

Stage Directions magazine, known for getting down into the grit and grime of productions, dove into the technology that went into constructing Cirque du Soleil at MGM-Grand, or better known to us as KÀ, for its January 2005 issue. In continuing our look into the equipment and technical know-how that helps illuminate our favorite Cirque du Soleil productions, Fascination presents the following information about KÀ’s lighting equipment from that issue of Stage Directions in three parts — Part 1: Dimming and Control Systems, Conventional Fixtures, and Arc Sources & Followspots; Part 2: Moving Lights, Effects Equipment, Other Items, Scrollers & Dousers and Projection Equipment; and Part 3: The Design and Production Team.

Illuminating KÀ, Part III


  • Lighting Designer – Luc Lafortune
  • Projections Designer – Holger Forterer


  • Associate Lighting Designer – Nol van Genuchten
  • Assistants to the Lighting Designer – Paul Copenhaver, Alexandre Tougas
  • Moving Lights Programmer – Hubert Tardif
  • Lighting Consultants – Auerbach, Pollock, Friedlander


  • Cirque du Soleil – Luc Plamondon, Gabriel Pinkstone, Don MacLean, Eric Listen, Rick Dobbie, Jeanette Farmer
  • General Contractor – Marnell Carrao and Associates
  • General Foreman – Randy Kuiper
  • Electrical Engineering – JBA and Associates
  • Project Lead – Dave Magdefrau
  • Electrical Contractor – Bombard
  • Electric, Foreman – Ron Hatter
  • Lighting Equipment Supplier – 4th Phase, Las Vegas
  • Project Manager – Maggie Bailey
  • Lighting Cable Supplier – TMB Associates


  • Lighting Director – Jeanette Farmer
  • Assistant Lighting Director – Nils Becker
  • Lighting Operations Crew – Larry Carrasco, Selina Davenport, Chris Escher, Cliff Gutierrez, Danny Grose, Gabriel Hernandez, Martin Isaac, Bernie Lehman, Curt McCormick, Jon Mytyk, Majid Khazal, Liz Koch, Chris Kortum, Jeff Kyrish, Alan Pilukas, Stuart Pitz, Jon Pullen, Doc Roth, Tony Saurini, Mike Wescoatt, Susan Wilson

{ Source – Stage Directions: January 2005 }