CirqueClub /// Original Saltimbanco Costume Sketches

Saltimbanco is almost 20 years young! This colourful and imaginative show has been touring the world briging spectators to experience an allegorical and acrobatic journey into the the heart of the city. The costumes are as young and vibrant now as they were first created by Dominique Lemieux. The craftmasnhip is intricate as nearly every caracter has his own unique costume. The inspiration was drawn from city life, urbanity and inter-woven relationships. The paradoxes of urban life is revealed in these unique costumes.

Fun Saltimbanco Facts:

  • Most artists have three to five costumes each which can include up to 12 individual pieces.
  • There is more than 80 different kind of buttons that are used to maintain the costumes on-tour.
  • Over 2,500 costume items travel from city to city in more than 50 road cases and one complete van to bring everything they need to destination.
  • There are more than 250 pairs of custom-made shoes. Shoes for the Chinese pole act are repainted before each performance.

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{ SOURCE: CirqueClub }