Update on “The Parks” at Nuevo Vallarta

Hey, remember the Cirque du Soleil Theme Park project with Grupo Vidanta for Nuevo Vallarta? Well… there’ve been a couple of updates regarding “The Parks” recently as chronicled by ThemeParkX:

The first, in a new interview with Daniel Chavez Moran (Vidanta’s founder) for Expansion MX, he describes “The Parks” now as follows:

The Parks project is of enormous magnitude. In total, there are four parks, which occupy an area three times larger than The Magic Kingdom. Something we have learned is that a park alone does not generate the synergy that several parks can have together to develop the entire market. We have hired the best park developers in the world, from China, from Serbia, from the United States. The parks are not developed for a hotel, they are made for the destination, as we did with Joyà together with the Cirque du Soleil, to enrich the Riviera Maya. During the first three years of opening of the four parks, we estimate to attract between four and five million visitors to the destination.






And second, in a statement from Vidanta given to Aimfair.com back in June regarding Cirque du Soleil’s involvement and the overall status of “The Parks”:

Cirque du Soleil has always been—and remains—a very important part of The Parks.

Since we first announced this project, we have decided to greatly expand its size and scale in order to include other mesmerizing, first-of-their-kind developments and immersive experiences to complement the Cirque du Soleil zone. We pride ourselves on delivering far beyond expectations on every new project and initiative we announce, and The Parks is certainly no exception.

The Parks now spans over 830 acres and includes a vast array of 100% original concepts. The goal is to transform Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta into a new kind of destination where guests can experience every possible variation of the perfect vacation—from high-end tropical relaxation to gravity-defying attractions and everything in between—in one extraordinary location. Many of these new experiences are already under construction at the resort. In one section of The Parks, 25 acres of underground tunnels are currently being installed to ensure impeccable park operations and almost 1.3 million square feet of concrete foundations and structures have already been built, including portions of the new resort hotels. Two enormous lakes at the center of The Parks, totaling over 150 acres in size, have already been created with more on the way. And thus far, 1,500 trees have been planted, though once the project is complete, the total is estimated to be over 50,000.

The wonder-filled region of The Parks dedicated to the creative genius of Cirque du Soleil will include a first-of-its-kind thrilling new production—a dazzling, large-scale extravaganza involving acrobatics, theatrics, water performances, music, and even a spectacular dining experience. This monumental new show will be housed in a gorgeous custom theater that will be an awe-inspiring sight in and of itself. Next door, there will be a Cirque Training Studio where guests will get the chance to grab the spotlight, learning tumbling, aerial arts, clowning, and so much more from the modern masters of the circus arts. While in the Cirque du Soleil plaza surrounding the theater and studio, guests should keep an eye open for spontaneous performances as they explore. We’re proud to continue our amazing partnership with Cirque du Soleil and work together on this highly anticipated collaboration so that we can give the world a breathtaking new type of experience unlike anything seen before.

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So… there you have it.