LV SUN: “Behind the scenes of Cirque’s new R.U.N”

While the Luxor was providing a glimpse last week of what new Cirque du Soleil show “R.U.N” might feel like via a very cool construction-wall mural by local artist Troy “Tiki” James, Cirque’s Montreal headquarters was hosting a video shoot and cast and crew interviews during rehearsals to continue to spread the word about the upcoming action thriller. If you’re not already following the “R.U.N” Instagram account, it’s not too late to catch some footage and imagery of electric motorcycles, people on fire and more people going through fight training sequences and choreography.

“It’s been really important to us to start educating people right away on what the show is,” said Lou D’Angeli, Cirque’s vice president of marketing and public relations, back in Vegas at Luxor. “The day after we announced the show we started hosting educational sales sessions for everybody who sells our tickets. We don’t want anybody to call up and say they want to see a Cirque show and expect [the elements] we’re known for.”

Judging from the Montreal sneak peek, where creative director Stefan Milijevic, show director Michael Schwandt and others detailed the show’s overall vision while showcasing pyrotechnics, stunts, costume design and more, “R.U.N” looks so different from Cirque’s beloved, longtime Las Vegas Strip offerings, it might not be instantly recognizable as a Cirque show. But D’Angeli and his team are dedicated to generating a new kind of excitement while keeping the brand connected.

“There’s been a lot of discussion about that. To truly differentiate the brand, Cirque needs to be on it,” he said. “Where we’re going, we have to evolve but there’s a lot of credibility when you see that name. That also puts a lot of pressure on us to deliver in everything we do, from production to ticket sales to marketing.”

One thing is certain: The Luxor team couldn’t be more hyped about the new show, which opens on October 24.

“The employees are incredibly excited to have something new for the company and specifically for Luxor,” said Cliff Atkinson, the resort’s president and COO. “We have the Esports Arena and the Raiders coming, but this is the crème de la crème, a new show. We’re incredibly excited to sell it and be a part of it and go see it, and to tell all our customers not only at Luxor but all MGM resorts to come check out something you really haven’t seen anywhere else.”

{ SOURCE: The Las Vegas Sun }