One Night For One Drop – In Pictures

This past weekend the Cirque Du Soleil shows went dark as the performance company pulled together their teams of dancers, contortionists and creative staff for a one-off performance, One Night for One Drop, Imagined by Cirque du Soleil. Soundtracked by Hans Zimmer the show mixed the drama and humor of a Cirque show utilizing the watery backdrop of their “O” theater. All this effort was for the One Night for One Drop charity event. The One Drop mission statement is to not only bring sustainable access to water and sanitation, but also bring together an artistic injection of understanding healthy practices in the way with the communities interact with water around the world.

The charity created by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté was now in its 7th year and combined $1.1 million though pledges, auctions, and donations. $798,000 of the final sum was raised through a live auction of 6 items. The top prizes included a McLaren 570S Spider, part of an exclusive limited unique six car collection, sold for $310,000, while a one of a kind Audemars Piguet in platinum and blue alligator went for an easy $220,000. Other items included travel experiences to St Tropez, Turks & Caicos and a voyage on the residential Yacht The World. Of the travel items the most fascinating was a safari to Tanzania that was accessorized with a bronze sculpture by Richard MacDonald.

After 3 years of involvement model Constance Jablonski took on a deeper role this year as Chair of the auction. “For all the donors 100% of money goes to the charity. They help women who are the most touched by the difficulties of the water. They have to walk for miles to get the water every day and 2 billion people don’t have access to safe water and that is traumatic and awful to know,” Jablonski reasoned with a crucial sense of concern. After the awe inspiring performance guests were led to an afterparty by the Bellagio pool that was a glittering addition to the evening’s surreal blend of society, glamor, charity, and Cirque magic.






Text by: BJ Panda Bear
Photos by: Erik Kabik

{ SOURCE: Flaunt }