Issue #181: FEB 2019

Welcome to the latest edition of Fascination, the Unofficial Cirque du Soleil Newsletter.

Although there’ve been plenty of other announcements since we last spoke – Messi10 and Cirque’s acquisition of “The Works Entertainment” (both announcements you can read in our news section), there’ve been a lot of blurbs about the new Alegría this month. And note it’s no longer “The Return of an Icon” but “In a New Light.” First, we begin with a small “debut” at Gala Célébration 2019. During the broadcast we got our first glimpse of the White Singer’s dress, as well as costumes for the Nymphs, who also perform a captivating hand-to-hand act in the show. See those here:

Next, after presenting during Célébration 2019, Cirque proudly unveiled the revisited full version of Vai Vedrai, the first musical excerpt from the new soundtrack. Jean-Phi Gonclaves, renowned for his work as Musical Director on the Série Hommage, the Cirque du Soleil tribute series presented in Trois-Rivières, arranged and produced Vai Vedrai, composed by René Dupéré. This adaptation of the Alegría score will immerse audiences in the show’s new world. “Vai Vedrai, is the story of a mother inviting her child to leave the nest and discover the wonderful folly of the world. There exists a touching combination between the music and the lyrics which is just as meaningful today” mentions Jean-Phi Goncalves, the show’s musical director. “The challenge is to update the song’s arrangement by taking it apart and putting it back together differently.” It bears mentioning that the soundtrack of the original Alegría show remains one of Cirque du Soleil’s most popular albums and that its theme song was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1995. On January 14th, digital download and streaming providers offered up Vai Vedrai. The complete soundtrack will be available on April 25th.

• See more images from the gala here:

• Get a behind-the-scenes look at the new recording:

Then, on January 26th, Jean-Guy Legault, director of the new Alegría, shared his vision for the show and how Alegría’s timeless message of resilience inspired its reinvention in a video that you can see here:

Within the video the new Fleur is front and center, what could be theshow’s new set/stage (in concept artwork), and what appears to be theshow’s acrobatic skeleton. Here’s what I saw in the video with regards to the acts and songs…

   ACT 1
     – Opening (Song: "Vazoulé")
     – Acro Bars (Song: "Kalandero")
     – Scene "A Fools Court" (Song: "Milonga")
     – Double Crossed Wheel (Song: "Ibis")
     – Scene: "Confusion" 
     – Duo Trapeze (Song: "Querer")
     – Scene: Fool's Party/The Big Feast?
     – Hula Hoops (Lev) (No Song Listed)
     – Snowstorm (Song: "Mirko")

   ACT 2
     – Scene: Fleur in the Snow
     – Straps (Song: "Alegria")
     – Clowns (Mocking the Aristocracy)
     – Power Track (Songs: "Irna" & "Valsapena")
     – Scene: Fall of the Fool
     – Fire Knife: A New Arising (No Song Listed)
     – Tableau en Blanc (Song: "Vai Vedrai")
     – Net Setup (No Song Listed)
     – High Bars (Song: "Valsapena")
     – Finale (No Song Listed)

If this is indeed what the new Alegría will look like come April, fans are in for quite a shock. Stay tuned!

Okay, so let’s go!