More on “The Jump” for Las Vegas

In addition to the announcement that Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group was acquiring “The Works Entertainment”, Lamare also said that a seventh Cirque du Soleil show was in pre-production in Las Vegas, this one for the Luxor Hotel. He said the yet-to-be named show is “inspired by the movie industry,” including special effects and stunt men and women. “We’re hopefully creating a new category of show,” he said.

Today, a little more detail and comments emerge about what will replace Mindfreak Live at The Luxor (via the Las Vegas Review-Journal):

Cirque President Daniel Lamarre says the company has no plans to develop a new magic production on the Strip in this new partnership. Instead, the company is focused on the new extreme-sports show at Luxor replacing “Mindfreak Live.”

“That show is our priority now,” Lamarre said in a phone chat Wednesday morning. “My one-liner about that show is it’s the first live-action thriller by Cirque du Soleil. We’re developing something for the younger crowd, different from anything we have done in the past.”

Plans are for the production to be announced by the end of March, with previews opening in October. As to reports that the show will be called “Jump,” Lamarre said that title was being used “in-house,” but the new show would have a different name.

“People will be totally excited when they see the final concept,” he added.