New Alegría Vision Shared in New Video

Jean-Guy Legault, director of Alegria by Cirque du Soleil, shares his vision for the show and how Alegria’s timeless message of resilience inspired its reinvention.

Within, see the new Fleur, what could possibly be the new set, and what appears to be the order of the show’s acts.



Here’s what we saw in the video with regards to the acts and songs… what did you see?


– Opening (Song: “Vazoulé”)
– Acro Bars (Song: “Kalandero”)
– Scene “A Fools Court” (Song: “Milonga”)
– Double Crossed Wheel (Song: “Ibis”)
– Scene: “Confusion” (?)
– Duo Trapeze (Song: “Querer”)
– Scene: Fool’s Party/The Big Feast?
– Hula Hoops (Lev) (No Song Listed)
– Snowstorm (Song: “Mirko”)


– Scene: Fleur in the Snow
– Straps (Song: “Alegria”)
– Clowns (Mocking the Aristocracy)
– Power Track (Songs: “Irna” & “Valsapena”)
– Scene: Fall of the Fool
– Fire Knife: A New Arising (No Song Listed)
– Tableau en Blanc (Song: “Vai Vedrai”)
– Net Setup (No Song Listed)
– High Bars (Song: “Valsapena”)
– Finale (No Song Listed)