Issue #179: DEC 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of Fascination, the Unofficial Cirque du Soleil Newsletter. Let’s jump right in…


During a press conference on its booth at IAAPA, WhiteWater (a world leader in designing and manufacturing complete waterparks) announced it was partnering with Cirque du Soleil to create a unique new water entertainment concept. On December 6th, a little of that concept was leaked (pun intended) to Attractions Magazine: “This water park, if built, will entertain visitors both during the day and at night. When the sun is up, guests can enjoy many thrilling water rides and slides. When the sun goes down, they’ll experience an entirely transformed environment. The water park will morph into a festive venue filled with music, specialty food and drinks, and illuminated trails that inter-twine with the main features of the nighttime festivities. The night-time entertainment consists of 15-minute shows that take place at the very attractions guests enjoyed during the day. These productions will feature Cirque du Soleil performers and run multiple times per night. Created in collaboration with WhiteWater, a water park attraction manufacturer, is not yet planned for any specific location. Check out the following post for a few renderings of what this new park might look like:


The multi-functional concert hall Amphion is slated to open in 2019 near the Skolkovo transport hub, the Russian State Circus Agency, said in a statement on their web site on Tuesday. The theater will have the capacity of 8500 people and will serve as the main venue for Cirque du Soleil performances. “Amphion Concert Hall, which will become the main venue for Cirque du Soleil performances in Russia, will open in 2019,” the report said. Cirque du Soleil will serve as the “anchor tenant” of the site, where major athletic events and concerts of famous performers will also take place.”The fact that a permanent show Cirque du Soleil will appear in Moscow, for which a special building will be built, became known about ten years ago. Moscow will become the first European city where the permanent Canadian circus show will appear – until now Europe knew Cirque du Soleil only on tour,” the agency said. The first time the Canadian Circus toured Moscow was in 2009 with its performance Corteo.


Circus was well represented with Royal Variety Performance regular Cirque du Soleil presenting a sequence from its show Totem, featuring synchronized juggling unicyclists.

According to casting calls for Cirque du Soleil’s newest show about footballer Leo Messi, the show is to be called TEN. You’ll also find THE JUMP (the show to take over Criss Angel’s spot at the Luxor) named in casting calls too (they’re looking for a Freak Show performer… anyone interested?), as well as a few details about the upcoming show at Walt Disney World, which the Orlando Sentinel highlighted in an article we included in this months’ news section.

German/French TV channel ARTE will air Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities on Wednesday, December 26th at 4:25pm

And in celebrations… On November 17th, TOTEM celebrated it’s 3,000th performance. See video here ( On November 18th, TORUK celebrated it’s 700th performance. And JOYA celebrates 4 years. Congratulations to all!

Okay, so let’s go!