Issue #178: NOV 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of Fascination, the Unofficial Cirque du Soleil Newsletter. And it’s jam-packed with news and features, so we better get started!


The celebrated imaginators at Cirque du Soleil — whose own work has been described by critics as “awe-inspiring” — partnered with Lab of Misfits, renowned creative neuroscience group led by human perceptions expert Dr. Beau Lotto, to conduct an ambitious study on the emotion of awe. The findings uncovered powerful and potentially far-reaching dimensions, suggesting that awe may ultimately be what drives our desire to step forward into a world of uncertainty in search for answers. Moreover, the study suggests that experiencing awe enables an apparent ability to raise our risk tolerance, increase our social behavior and can even reframe who we believe we were in the past.

The word “awe” has been around for nearly a millennium, its description ranging from dread and fear to admiration and veneration. Despite permeating our lexicon with phrases such as awe inspiring, awesome and awe-struck, the illusive and mysterious emotion continues to spark wonder, curiosity and debate. Awe also seems to be at the very heart of a constant human quest that sometimes manifests itself through the countless bucket lists that appear in our social media feeds.

Guided by the desire to recognize what drives people to pursue meaningful, pulse-pumping life experiences and understand how people feel when they see a Cirque du Soleil live performance, the collaboration between Cirque du Soleil and the Lab of Misfits set out to answer how and why we experience awe, and its impact on those who feel it. In the broader context of the future of live entertainment, Cirque du Soleil was also interested in the role emotions play in driving people to disproportionately seek communal experiences.

Want to know what they found? Explore the nature of the study as well as it’s key highlights and findings within – you’ll find the study’s text in our FEATURES section.


From OVO’s Facebook Page: “It’s now official, OVO will tour throughout 4 cities in Brazil in 2019!” Check out the ITINERAIRE section within for the cities the tour will visit!

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal: “The seventh annual ‘One Night’ production is set for March 8 at “O” Theater at Bellagio. The story-line is carried by the character Drop, an innocent little girl who leads an adult Everyman through an explanation of why unity, tolerance and sharing are so important today. The two roles are being cast now. Celeb guest stars for the show will be announced later.”

From Trade Arabia: “A veritable showcase of events and in-mall activities will mark The Dubai Mall 10 Year Celebrations from November 4-28. The highlight of the ‘Entertainment’ showcase is a mesmerizing sound and light show presented by Lune Rouge, the new live entertainment company created by visionary entrepreneur, Guy Laliberté, Founder of Cirque du Soleil. Entitled, ‘Talisman’, this stunning visual experience showcases video, lighting, lasers and special effects to create and immersive multimedia experience that will play nightly at Star Atrium.

From the New Zealand Herald: “Cirque du Soleil is returning to Auckland with Kooza! Five years since Cirque du Soleil dazzled Kiwis with Totem, Kooza is described as a breath-taking homage to the traditions of circus. With an international cast of 50 acrobats, musicians, singers and actors, Kooza follows The Innocent as he journeys through a colorful world of eccentric characters and white-knuckle thrills. Kooza premieres at Auckland’s Alexandra Park on Friday February 15, 2019 for a limited run.”


While we don’t normally highlight other companies’ productions within these pages, unless there’s a connection to Cirque du Soleil, we’re going to make an exception in this case because Guy Laliberté is about the biggest connection to Cirque you can get. Next June, Montrealers will be able to experience a multimedia trip extending from the Big Bang to a myriad of possible futures inside a pyramid being set up at the Clock Tower site in the Old Port. Called “Through the Echoes”, the presentation will be the first produced for PY1, the venue developed by Lune Rouge Entertainment, founded by Guy Laliberté of Cirque du Soleil fame. Through the Echoes is described as a 60-minute show that will see the 600-member audience “surrounded by lasers, 360-degree projections, kinetic video aerial scenery, atmospheric special effects and spectacular lighting” that will allow participants to “explore the thread of space and time, from our origins to our possible futures.” When the PY1 venue isn’t being used as a multimedia theater, it will transform into a “next generation” night club. “Through the Echoes” will be presented from June to September 2019 before going on tour. Pre-sale tickets are available for a limited time at for $29.75 plus fees and taxes. Check out the Press Release within, as well as piece by The Globe and Mail regarding Guy’s return to action in our NEWS section this month.


Every breathtaking moment. Every larger-than-life detail. This is a whole new awe-inspiring way to experience Cirque du Soleil. For one night, Cirque du Soleil in Cinema transports its internationally acclaimed show KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities to the big screen. Step into the curio cabinet of an ambitious inventor who defies the laws of time, space and dimension in order to reinvent everything around him. Suddenly, the visible becomes invisible, perspectives are transformed, and the world is literally turned upside down. Immerse yourself in a spectacular cinematic experience through never-before-seen angles. Movie-going just got jaw-dropping! In theaters November 13th!

Okay, so let’s go!