45 DEGREES Wins Two Applied Arts Magazine Awards!

45 DEGREES has won not one but two Applied Arts Magazine Awards.

The first, in the category of “Craft Motion/Animation – Series” is for the video content created and produced for Helene Fischer’s LIVE 2017/2018 Tour.

The video content designed for Helene Fischer, one of Germany’s the most acclaimed pop artist, was inspired by time. The semi-circular screen lends itself to the initial images of a stylized clock. The objective was for the video content to play an integral part of the story by creating a customized series of video clips using innovative in-camera effects, each equally bold and refined and holding a unique beauty on their own.

45 DEGREES / Cirque du Soleil in collaboration with 4U2C and Baillat Studio Executive Creation Director: Daniel Fortin Creative Director: Patricia Tremblay Stage Director and Writer: Mukhtar Omar Sharif Mukhtar Executive Producer: Olivier Goulet Video Content Designer: Jean-Sébastien Baillat Chief Executive Producer: Yasmine Khalil Executive Production Director: Patrice Poulin Project Director: Lydia Brown Assistant Director: Manuel Bissonnette Artistic Coordinator: Marc-André Goulet Production Director: Jan Mylle Technical Director: Ian Donald Project Manager: Alexe Mercille-Gagné Motion Graphics Artist: David Baril, Maxime Boisseau Programmer: Hugo Ralet Associate Creative Director: Andréanne Dumont Shooting and Director of Photography: Davai Senior Marketing Director: Céline Payelle

The second, in the category of “Poster – Series” for their presence at the 2018 Bal du MAC.

The objective was to create a series of posters for an immersive experience that invites guests to delve into a universe under permanent surveillance inspired by George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984. They were designed to support the propaganda campaign, using evocative symbols of censorship and surveillance to create a strong visual identity, sometimes inspired by the aesthetics of prison bars in the most literal sense, and sometimes by the dehumanization that such a system represents.

45 DEGREES / Cirque du Soleil Chief Executive Producer: Yasmine Khalil Executive Creation Director: Daniel Fortin Creative Director: Frank Helpin, Patricia Tremblay Art Director: ÉMilie Lagacé Design Director: ÉMilie Lagacé Illustrator: Filip Hodas Senior Marketing Director: Céline Payelle Account Manager: Myriam Jean-Baptiste

{ SOURCE: 45 Degrees, Applied Arts Magazine }