Juste une p’tite nuite, Hommage to Les Colocs

(Translated from the original French via Google Translate)

Just a little night: this is how the fourth show of the Cirque du Soleil tribute series will be entitled, this time dedicated to the group Les Colocs.

The scenario of this fourth opus will take the viewer into a typical Montreal universe: “In the heart of a dilapidated alley, a gang of eclectic dysfunctional friends gather every night under the twilight of a lamp post to explode urban greyness,” says 45 Degrees.

“It’s a bit like Les Colocs: very hard lyrics, very impactful, but with a very festive music,” adds the director Jean-Guy Legault. “We will play a lot on these contrasts.”

This is a big alley party that we will do with the spectators.

The voice of Dédé Fortin honored

This time, the musical frame of the show will be created from the band’s original tapes. It is therefore the voice of Dédé Fortin that will resonate in the Amphitheater Cogeco, rather than those of different performers as was the case for the Stone show, in homage to Luc Plamondon.

“The interest is that it is a particular voice, notes Jean-Guy Legault. The fact that it was sung by him, it was a bit of self. To have the breath, the reality of the author, it has a resonance of that time, and it has a very current resonance too. ”

In addition, the soundtrack will be intertwined with a live musical performance.

The show created and produced by 45 Degrees will be presented for 20 nights from July 18 to August 18 at the Cogeco Amphitheater in Trois-Rivières.

{ SOURCE: Radio-Canada | https://goo.gl/oxprpX }