Fascination! Issue #72: JAN 2010 – Released!


Bonjour et bienvenue and welcome to 2010! We’ve got an amazing issue this month for you – an exclusive interview with Martin Lord-Ferguson and Ella Louise Allaire – Producers of ZED’s CD! Conducted by our own Keith Johnson, find out what pressures they were under in making the album, why they chose to omit certain songs, and about the process in general. If you’ve not yet heard the ZED album, we highly encourage it!

Interested in joining like-minded passionates of Cirque du Soleil on a group trip? If so, join us at CirqueCon 2010 in New York City and Montréal from April 27th through May 2nd for Cirque du Soleil’s OVO, Banana Shpeel, and Tour 2010! Check out the latest updates regarding CirqueCOn 2010 in the gatherings column in our OUTREACH section. And as always join them at their website: http://www.cirquecon.com

And also in our OUTREACH section, we have a number of goodies to explore as a clip of interesting and intriguing articles, pictures and videos were shared with the fanbase through Cirque du Soleil’s various social widgets. In turn we have collected those to share with you!

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