Controversy Surrounding the Tribute to The Colocs?

(The following article was translated from French using Google Translate)

Cirque du Soleil acknowledges that it did not contact all the founding members of the band before choosing it for its 4th tribute show, but claims to have acted in good faith. Cirque also says it is “disappointed” and “saddened” that the announcement was received a bit coldly by Mike Sawatzky, one of the musicians and founding member of the band.

“Our intention from the beginning has been to work with everyone, to work with each artist,” says Cirque du Soleil Senior Director of Public Relations, Marie-Hélène Lagacé. Did not all these conversations take place before the announcement? It’s possible. And we are sorry if that’s the case. But I think what is important is that all this was done in good faith and with the desire to receive the contribution of everyone so that this show renders sincerely and authentically tribute to the work of the Colocs.”

Ms. Lagacé also points out that the next step in the creative process will be to meet the different artists who have gravitated around the group. “The idea of ??this meeting is to sit together and take the pulse of the history of the group, their universe, collect the memories and anecdotes to make the show as authentic as possible.”

Colocs member Mike Sawatzky lamented having learned through the media that Cirque du Soleil will present a tribute to his band at the Cogeco Amphitheater. The musician would have liked to be consulted on the issue.

Mr. Sawatzky underlines that the name of the Colocs was bought by the family of André Fortin. It is therefore she who holds the rights. He would, however, have wanted the members of the group still alive to be consulted about the show. “It’s not against Cirque du Soleil, it’s an honor,” said Mr. Sawatzky, who says he will still see the show.

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