STONE: Dazzled by the Immensely Beautiful

{Translated from French via Google Translate}

Few spectacles plunge us into an intimate reflection on what makes up the immensely beautiful and the greatest. Stone, Cirque du Soleil’s homage to Luc Plamondon, is a masterfully successful work that does exactly that. She fascinates by her grace and acrobatics magically arranged to the poetry of the lyricist.

Presented until August 19 at the Cogeco Amphitheater, a jewel of an open-air room located at the confluence of the Saint-Maurice River and the St. Lawrence River, the Cirque show plunges the public into a world A disused Belmont Park, reminiscent of the time of this Montreal amusement fair with a gigantic metal carousel on stage.

The atmosphere is extremely warm, often dazzling and even erotic, especially when Dmytro Turkeiv and Iryna Galenchyk (two acrobats of the show who present twenty-nine artists) , In duet straps, are breathtaking during their number on The world is stone , interpreted by Beyries.


The lyrics of Luc Plamondon, a giant of Francophone and Quebecois music, are of course highlighted, but what strikes us even more (not to mention the potpourri in which one remembers how vast is his repertoire) is Music of composers, including Michel Berger, who accompanied the lyricist throughout his career.

Under the direction of Jean-Phi Goncalves, Stone’s musical fabric is an artistic work in itself, making us hope (a message sent here to Cirque du Soleil) that we can get it quickly.

Some of the greatest voices in Quebec – from Ariane Moffatt to Milk & Bone, La Bronze, Martha Wainwright, Diane Dufresne, Catherine Major, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Klô Pelgag and many others – Hui mythical, updating them in a beautiful way.

When Safia Nolin resonates smoothly to interpret The blues of the businessman without ever pushing the note, always in restraint, we find ourselves shivering so much is beautiful. The music, voice and grace of the acrobat on his cyr wheel, surrounded by dancers, give at the moment a beautiful mixture of intensity and purity.


The creative director of the show, Daniel Fortin, as well as the director Jean-Guy Legault, are pleased to have created a beautiful amalgam of circus and dance. In the number played on the song Oxygène , with the voice of Betty Bonifassi, the artists on stage struggle vigorously in their white costume, recalling straitjackets. The intensity of the talk is highlighted.

Then, the numerous acrobatic numbers are well chosen and diversified, despite the few technical errors committed during the first media on Wednesday. The two acrobats tossed by two parallel carriers – two men standing face-to-face on an elevated structure that juggles with humans – leave us open-mouthed, while Batbold Andryei and Munkhbat Ganbayar are great in their Icarius game number, where one , Lying on an elongated “l” shaped bench, rolls the other in the air using his feet.

Too bad that the final number, while four acrobats perched on aerial bungees , above us, failed to achieve the expected result. Directed by Gabrielle Shonk, Le monde est fou , and Hymne à la beauté du monde , with Diane Dufresne, it is impossible to grasp the amazing painting that unfolds at the same time on stage, All performing artists.

In spite of everything, and it is the strength of this spectacle that is definitely worth a stopover in Mauricie, poetry transcends us. There is something inherently beautiful to notice that the thousands of spectators have their eyes riveted to the sky, while one sings “do not kill the beauty of the world”. As if we too, in concert with the artists of Stone , implore something divine.

Stone, Tribute to Plamondon is the third show in a series of five ( to be presented by Cirque du Soleil in his tribute series to the Amphitheater, after Le monde est fou , pour Beau Pit, and Tout écartillé , for Robert Charlebois) Cogeco. The show is presented until 19 August.

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