Fascination! Issue #68: Sept 2009 – Released!

Our good friend Steve Long checks in with us this month with two articles about his recent trip to Japan. While in the Land of the Rising Sun he caught Corteo on tour and even had some time to see ZED once or twice more. His reflections and reviews of the experiences he had with the two shows are within.

This month we have a number of goodies to explore as a clip of interesting and intriguing articles, pictures and videos were shared with the fanbase through Cirque du Soleil’s various social widgets. In turn we have collected those to share with you, so don’t miss our “OUTREACH” section.


Interested in joining like-minded passionates of Cirque du Soleil on a group trip? If so, join us at CirqueCon 2009 in Monterrey from September 24th through September 27th for Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion! While the sign-up for the majority of the excursions has closed, you can still join the group at the show! Check out CirqueCon 2009 at their website: http://www.cirquecon.com.

Be sure to check out the Itinerary section for any last-minute changes to tour stops and extensions – especially the new information pertaining to 2009 dark dates for all resident productions!

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