La Nouba’s Silva Poirier Speaks Recovery

Cirque du Soleil aerial performer who fell 30 feet and fractured her skull and face says she feels lucky to be able to talk and hold her son as doctors hail her ‘amazing’ recovery

• Karina Silva Poirer was injured after she fell 30 feet during a rehearsal in October
• The Cirque du Soleil aerial performer slipped and fractured her skull and face
• She slipped in and out of a coma three times and underwent several surgeries
• Doctors say the 39-year-old has made tremendous strides and is expected to walk again
• But they don’t know if she’ll ever have the strength to perform on aerial silks

Seven months ago, Karina Silva Poirier, an aerial performer with Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba in Orlando, Florida, fell during a rehearsal. The 30-foot drop resulted in her skull and face being fractured, and she slipped in and out of a coma three times. But after several surgeries and months of rehabilitation, Silva Poirier is speaking out about her incredible recovery.

Silva Poirier, 39, comes from six generations of circus performers. Her husband, David Poirier, was also in La Nouba as an aerial performer. Just six months before the accident, their son, Kyle, was born.

According to 911 calls, Silva Poirier fell around 10:15pm on October 20, 2016 as she was rehearsing an aerial silk act. She was flown to Osceola Regional Medical Center, in Kissimmee, where a trauma team worked to save her life.

A YouCaring page was set up to cover medical expenses and help support Daniel and Kyle – surpassing the $25,000 goal. ‘When I saw her she was in coma like three times during the hospitalization. I did three surgeries on her, and every time she came back,’ Dr Pedro Ramirez, Silva Poirier’s neurosurgeon, told News 6.

Doctors say that they are amazed by her recovery. ‘I have this opportunity to talk to you and to have the opportunity to hold my son, and see him grow and see my husband, and be with my family,’ Silva Poirier said. ‘I’m very happy to be here today,’ She said her now one-year-old son was her reason for fighting.

Dr Ramirez says Silva Poirier’s strength to fly on aerial silks may never return, but that her progress is astonishing. She is speaking all five languages she knew before the accident and doctors expect her to walk again.
An investigation carried out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration found no major safety violations in the accident.

{ SOURCE: Daily Mail UK, News 6 Orlando }