Le Journal de Montreal Reviews VOLTA

{The following text was translated from its original French using Google Translate, then cleaned up for republication}

Current, modern, futuristic, daring. There are no shortage of words to describe VOLTA, the newest creation by Cirque du Soleil. Bathed in the world of action sports, in addition to being propelled by the music of Anthony Gonzalez (M83), VOLTA shows us a younger and more dashing Cirque than ever. A breath of freshness that should join a new generation.


The inspirations in Volta are numerous. From the game show opening one finds similarities to Hunger Games. Later, characters addicted to technology make us think of the series Black Mirror. And the show has some futurist elements that are reminiscent of Blade Runner. A very lively universe!


The sports action segments steal the show. The bicycle is used in three numbers: a poetic duo of BMX “flatland” and ballet, an impressive number of climbing with a “trial” bike and, most importantly, the final number where BMX “Velocross” rotates in a stunning roulodrome. Stunning!


If there is one aspect about VOLTA that will be remembered for a long time is to what extent the music of Anthony Gonzalez meshes with the acrobatic numbers. The French artist, who has enjoyed a global success with M83 for a few years, has composed pieces that are sometimes catchy, sometimes enthralling, which make the show even more captivating. It’s been a long time since we’ve enjoyed the music of a Cirque du Soleil show. Volta’s music can be listened to independently of the show.


The weak moments in the show are very rare. Even the clown numbers turn out to be hilarious. What can be criticized is a lack of diversity in two of its numbers, presenting almost the same type of segments with parkour and hoops. The effect of surprise the second time is not very great after seeing the prowess of parkour artists earlier.


Cirque du Soleil has often been criticized for staying true to its formula. This is far from being the case with VOLTA. The company takes several risks with this electrifying show that could shake a more conservative audience. M83 enthusiasts are strongly advised that if they’ve never seen Cirque du Soleil – get tickets! The composer’s music is worth a visit.








{ SOURCE: Le Journal de Montreal | https://goo.gl/U74oQB }