Solstrom Finally On Its Way?

No, we don’t mean out of view and into the distance, we mean onto DVD store shelves. It looks like the complete 13-episode, 5-disk set will be release in the US by Columbia/Tri-Star Home
Video on April 26th, retailing for $50.00. Though it is being mastered in the higher-quality “Superbit” encoding process, there will be room for a few extras: a “making of” segment, a photo gallery, and the expected “promos.” In an interesting development, the set is listed to have a DTS digital soundtrack in addition to the standard Dolby. And Cirque is nothing if not universal, with subtitles in English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. Now, if releasing this is a good or bad thing – discuss amongst yourselves.

[Source:,, Keith Johnson]