Rigging up Corteo

If you’re interested in the behind-the-curtain elements of Cirque du Soleil you might be interested in an article published this morning out of the Calgary Herald – “Send in the Riggers”. Chris Cannon, staff writer for the Herald, spoke with Vincent Schonbrodt, one of Cirque’s riggers currently on tour with Corteo. It’s a great read for those interested in the behind-the-scenes, nuts and bolts, aspect of Cirque du Soleil! From the article:

    The closer we get to the underbelly of the big top, the more I feel for a secure grip on every rung and bolt, dizzied by the increasing volume and variety of cables, ladders, rails, and gears. It’s like I’ve been swallowed by an alien mechanical organism or I’m getting an ant’s perspective on a carburetor. […] There is no attempt to make the technology invisible, no effort made to fool the audience into thinking giants can swing petite women thirty metres in the air without risk, no swarthy men in top hats telling you that bicycles can really fly. From this sacred, hidden space in the crown of the massive tent, carabineer-clad technicians will forget about their former jobs suspended from bridges and oil derricks, to help angels bob through the atmosphere, pretty girls spin in giant chandeliers, a clown pedal on the wrong side of a high wire.

Read the full article here.

{ SOURCE: Calgary Herald }