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  • Cirque Re-locates PARAMOUR to Hamburg Germany

    Cirque Re-locates PARAMOUR to Hamburg Germany

    Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group and Stage Entertainment announced today that the Broadway Show Cirque du Soleil PARAMOUR will relocate to Hamburg, Germany’s musical metropolis. The hit musical will have its European premiere at the Stage Theater Neue Flora in April 2019.

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  • The Rise and Fall of Cirque on Broadway

    The Rise and Fall of Cirque on Broadway

    The early success of Disney on Broadway led other entertainment companies to believe that conquering the Great White Way was possibly not that hard. But, as Warner Bros' first foray into the lead producing game, LESTAT, proved, it's not as easy as opening and tossing some money at marketing. And now, after a single Broadway show, PARAMOUR, Cirque du Soleil has essentially shuttered its theatrical division, Cirque du Soleil Theatrical.

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  • Cirque Outta Broadway

    Cirque Outta Broadway

    Cirque du Soleil’s merger with Blue Man Group has sharpened the focus on expanding its brand around the world. In the wake of Cirque’s acquisition of the Blue Men, it has become apparent the company is de-emphasizing its development of Broadway-style production shows under its Cirque Theatricals division.

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  • Indoor drones make history on Broadway

    Indoor drones make history on Broadway

    Over the past year, 398 audiences of up to 2,000 people witnessed an octet of colorful lampshades perform an airborne choreography during Cirque du Soleil’s Broadway show Paramour, which ran until April 20th. The work behind the design and choreography of the flying lampshades, which turn out to be self-piloted drones, bears the signature of the Swiss high-tech company Verity Studios.

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  • Tony Nominations – Paramour Snubbed…

    Tony Nominations – Paramour Snubbed…

    The Tony nominators spread the joy to 25 of 37 eligible shows this morning, giving multiple nods to box office smashes that included the shoo-ins [...] but it was no surprise that the nominators ignored the mostly reviled Paramour, which marked Cirque du Soleil’s first made-for-Broadway venture.

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  • Paramour Still Up For a Tony

    Paramour Still Up For a Tony

    Nobody does musicals like Broadway. Every Broadway season feels chock full of big-hearted, big-singing shows that all compete for that final trophy on Tony Awards night: the one engraved with perhaps the two most important words in showbiz: Best. Musical.

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  • Broadway World Gives PARAMOUR 2 1/2 Stars

    Broadway World Gives PARAMOUR 2 1/2 Stars

    Disney and Oprah have done it and, critics be damned, Marvel Comics has done it no less spectacularly. So after flirting with tent shows across the Hudson in the Meadowlands and tailoring shows for Madison Square Garden, it was inevitable that Montreal entertainment juggernaut Cirque du Soleil would make their own assault on Broadway, in hopes of a long-running megahit.

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  • Paramour vs Dandyworld??

    Paramour vs Dandyworld??

    It's called Dandyworld, and it's a story of a girl from an innocent time, and an innocent place. Wait, isn't that Paramour? Well, yes, and no. According to an interesting post on one of BroadwayWorld's message boards, it's actually a bit more complicated than that.

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  • PARAMOUR Stars Will Be Headliners at BROADWAY AT W

    PARAMOUR Stars Will Be Headliners at BROADWAY AT W

    42 Seven Productions, W Times Square and IndieFork welcome Ruby Lewis, Ryan Vona and cast members of Paramour for the 10th installment of the hit Sunday night acoustic experience "Broadway at W," featuring Broadway's hottest shows and their talented casts in a raw, up-close, and acoustic environment in the exquisite Living Room of W Hotel.

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  • PARAMOUR to Close April 2017!

    PARAMOUR to Close April 2017!

    Broadway is making way for Harry Potter, literally. The cavernous Lyric Theater will be dramatically reconfigured — shedding one-fifth of its seats — to create a home for the most-coveted theatrical tenant of the moment: the two-part play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” which is expected to open there in spring 2018.

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  • Paramour – Impressions 2.0

    Paramour – Impressions 2.0

    As a recap to my last review of this wonderful show, I’m lucky enough to be a ‘Passionate’ – one of those people who have followed Cirque for many years. Through those years I’ve made many cirque-adjacent friends.

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  • Meet Paramour’s Jeremy Kushnier

    Meet Paramour’s Jeremy Kushnier

    Paramour finds a cast of actors, singers and acrobats filling the voluminous Lyric Theatre with that old-fashioned razzle-dazzle, catchy songs and high-flying theatrics. At the center of the narrative is Jeremy Kushnier’s character of AJ Golden, a man who presents a few obstacles to the leading lady’s meteoric rise in Golden Age Hollywood.

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  • Breaking: Paramour eligible for 2017 Tony Award!

    Breaking: Paramour eligible for 2017 Tony Award!

    The Tony Awards Administration Committee met yesterday for the first time this season and confirmed the eligibility of two Broadway productions, Paramour and Cats, for the 2017 American Theatre Wing's Tony Awards. The two productions are consistent with opening night billing.

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  • Reed Kelly of Broadway’s Paramour

    Reed Kelly of Broadway’s Paramour

    Paramour marks dancer Reed Kelly's fourth Broadway show. No stranger to the Lyric Theatre, he last flew around that stage in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. He also took flight as a monkey in Wicked and danced in The Addams Family. Read what Reed has to say about Paramour, training as an aerial artist, and super soapy showers.

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  • Time Out: Taking NYC the Cirque Way

    Time Out: Taking NYC the Cirque Way

    What happens when the world’s most famous exporter of “oohs” and “aahs” takes on the Broadway musical? The arrival of one of the most magical, fun-packed and thrilling evenings of entertainment to hit New York City in decades—and an evolution of what live theater can offer.

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