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  • Drumming for Cirque du Soleil (feat. Kit Chatham)

    Drumming for Cirque du Soleil (feat. Kit Chatham)

    Although Isaac Cavallaro had yet to personally meet Kit, he’d read and heard so many positive things about his musicianship, he simply had to reach out to him. Ironically they were both currently working in Japan, so if their schedules aligned, they hoped to meet up in Tokyo between performances.

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  • Kit Chatham – KURIOS Drummer<br />“The Third Time”

    Kit Chatham – KURIOS Drummer
    “The Third Time”

    What is it about a drummer that attracts diehard Cirque fans to them? From Quidam drummer BJ, who met up with the first CirqueCon Vancouver group, to Paul Bannerman, drummer with Varekai who has been very fan-friendly, we as fans seem to be drawn to those who bash the skins. And now we add another […]

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