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  • Alain Vinet – Musique Director<br />“What Was I Thinking?”

    Alain Vinet – Musique Director
    “What Was I Thinking?”

    We're used to requesting time with artists, creatives, or executives at Cirque, but not the other way around! Here our friend Alain Vinet invited us to spend some time with him catching up on Cirque’s latest music voyages.

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  • Kit Chatham – KURIOS Drummer<br />“The Third Time”

    Kit Chatham – KURIOS Drummer
    “The Third Time”

    What is it about a drummer that attracts diehard Cirque fans to them? From Quidam drummer BJ, who met up with the first CirqueCon Vancouver group, to Paul Bannerman, drummer with Varekai who has been very fan-friendly, we as fans seem to be drawn to those who bash the skins. And now we add another […]

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  • Raphaël Beau – Composer<br/>“Compositeur des Curiosités”

    Raphaël Beau – Composer
    “Compositeur des Curiosités”

    Responsible for the fun “Steampunk” sound that propels Kurios-Cabinet of Curiosities is Raphaël Beau. Raphaël was educated at the Conservatoires national de region of Toulouse and Paris. He also studied at the Paris Sorbonne where he became a certified music teacher. He composed the soundtrack for Micmacs, a film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet with whom he subsequently collaborated on some commercials. In 2011 he composed the soundtrack for the cute short film Defective Detective by Avner Geller and Stevie Lewis, which won a bronze award at the 38th Student Academy Awards. We sent Mr. Beau some questions via email and here are his responses in French, kindly translated into English by Kurios publicist Amelie Robitaille. One of our rare bi-lingual interviews! Enjoy!

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