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  • Wayback Cirque

    Wayback Cirque

    This year Cirque du Soleil officially turns 20 years of age! With that milestone reached I feel many wonder where can Cirque du Soleil lead us in the next 20-years? Or will it be with us at all? During the next few months we will be inundated with celebratory goods - from books to special events - to commemorate this special time. However, have you ever wished for a way to pull back the curtain of time and experience the Cirque du Soleil of the past?

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  • In the Wings… Yet Another Cirque Book

    In the Wings… Yet Another Cirque Book

    Recently we alerted you to a book soon to be available from Harry N. Abrams, the publishers of the 2003 and 2004 Cirque Calendars and other Cirque books, entitled "The Unexpected Odyssey: 20 Years of Cirque du Soleil" by Tony Babinski; however, according to an article recently published in the Montreal Gazette, fans should prepare for another book about Cirque's anniversary: "Dans les coulissese du Cirque du Soleil", or "Backstage at the Cirque du Soleil".

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  • O the Solar Wind Doth Blow: Solstrom, Part 4

    O the Solar Wind Doth Blow: Solstrom, Part 4

    Once again we examine the episodes of Cirque du Soleil's new variety series Solstrom, and once again we find the series has come up short in almost every respect. Coming from Cirque du Soleil, a series like Solstrom is unfathomably bad. After watching each subsequent episode I'm consistently surprised and disappointed by how weak the shows are.

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  • A Plethora of Singles

    A Plethora of Singles

    Have you ever wondered whether or not Cirque du Soleil music ever reaches the radio? Certainly in many parts of the world it does, and believe it or not, many of those songs are released as CD singles. Most, however, have only been released in Europe and are very hard to get in the United States. Here is a quick list of what you can expect to find if you search for Cirque du Soleil singles:

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  • Where Do You Find All This Stuff?

    Where Do You Find All This Stuff?

    A question we get every once in awhile is how do we find all this information we present to you each month. Some fans might think we have direct lines to a vast database of contacts inside the Cirque du Soleil braintrust.

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  • Covers du Cirque

    Covers du Cirque

    Recently Cirque du Soleil E-group member, soulgirl31, posted the following question: "If someone put together a Cirque du Soleil Cover Band that only played the Cirque's music, do you think it would be popular to the general public?" Most replies, mine included, gave a resounding no. I won't go into my opinion of the general public's clueless-ness of good music. But for the past few years I have fantasized about forming a band that covered the amazing music of Cirque du Soleil. I have given this topic a lot thought and realized that bands should actually play before shows and during intermissions in the traveling shows' VIP tents.

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  • Wind of Mediocrity: Solstrom, Part 3

    Wind of Mediocrity: Solstrom, Part 3

    As I continue to watch the new episodes of Cirque du Soleil's variety series, Solstrom, I so desperately want to say that I love them, that I find them spectacular and that they are as well crafted as Cirque's live shows. Unfortunately, when I sit down to write these reviews I feel like American Idol judge Simon Cowell. Now I'm not the type to criticize simply for the sake of criticism; when Cirque shows me a spectacular, well-crafted piece of art I can easily overlook any minor flaws in the execution or staging and enjoy the final product.

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  • Cirque at the Masters: A Q&A Review

    Cirque at the Masters: A Q&A Review

    10:45pm It was well into the evening by the time I had returned home from work, and little did I know that something special was waiting for me within my email inbox. It was a Wednesday evening in late October as I recall, and I wasn't too anxious to check my email that night. I'm not sure why, but it had been a tiring day on the job and all I really wanted to do was relax for a bit without the fuss of answering incoming mail or navigating a bunch of spam messages. But I checked it anyway. And there it was; the reply I had been waiting for...

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  • Weathering the ‘Strom: Solstrom, Part 2″

    Weathering the ‘Strom: Solstrom, Part 2″

    As Cirque du Soleil fans watched the second and third episodes of the company's new variety series we've had the opportunity to see Solstrom take shape. Although certainly not the most creative of Cirque's enterprises, the series nonetheless presents interesting circus acts that we may not otherwise have the opportunity to see. However, if there's one thing the series is consistently lacking it is presentation. The overall artistry is nowhere near as strong as it is in Cirque's live shows.

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  • The Cusick Case — Cirque’s Rebuttal

    The Cusick Case — Cirque’s Rebuttal

    While there has been no judgement announced in either the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission complaint filed by Lambda Legal, or the San Francisco Human Rights Commission complaint regarding the firing of HIV-positive gymnast Matthew Cusick (decisions on both cases should be coming this month), we were able to get results on some of our research.

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  • An Evening’s Chat with BJ – Quidam’s Percussionist

    An Evening’s Chat with BJ – Quidam’s Percussionist

    It was a daunting challenge involving weeks of planning and several authorizations but we finally achieved our end result... a chat with a Cirque du Soleil musician! How would it be done? Which communication program would we use? How would I keep control over the chat? These and many more questions arose as those weeks began melting away. But, on August 17, 2003 at 8:00pm Eastern Daylight Time, the chat began and all the troubles of bringing it together were quickly forgotten. With a "Good Morning from Japan," our guest, BJ, a percussionist with the Quidam tour currently in Japan, joined us for about 2 and a half hours that Sunday night and spoke about who he is, what he's doing, and where he may be headed next, not to mention that he enjoys Sushi, Sake, Pocky and a good Irish Pub!

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  • John-Paul Gasparrelli – The new Musical Director for “O”!

    John-Paul Gasparrelli – The new Musical Director for “O”!

    Just as we were putting this issue "to bed" we were surprised by an "introductory" message from the newly-hired Musical Director/Conductor/Keyboardist for "O", John-Paul Gasparrelli, which appeared on the Cirque Mailing List. Of course we couldn't let such an opportunity pass! We're quite pleased to bring you our first interview - an introductory chat with John-Paul! He'll be starting his Cirque career in late October, so here we discuss a little of his life pre-Cirque and how he got the job.

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