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  • It’s a Tough Job…

    It’s a Tough Job…

    The blurb on the plastic bag (that keeps prying hands from thumbing through the pages) proudly proclaims, "Stars of the hottest show in Vegas bare all!" The August, 2005 Playboy Magazine hit the stands recently, with a pictorial featuring some of the female (and male) stars of Zumanity within. While I myself am no expert on the subject of men's magazines, the duty fell to me. And with all the arguments of whether Playboy objectifies women acknowledged, we shall plunge ahead.

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  • An Eye on Cirque

    An Eye on Cirque

    On August 7, 2005, Cirque du Soleil was once again featured on the CBS News Evening Magazine, “60 Minutes”. Some of the more interesting pieces released in the transcript (which is available on the CBS News/60 Minutes website) are: – Today Cirque employs 3,000 employees worldwide. – 700-750 of the employees are performers. – There […]

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  • Cirque vs. Mark Brown

    Cirque vs. Mark Brown

    It's unfortunate that we must cover yet another lawsuit against Cirque du Soleil. Yet this lawsuit was quite different from those we've reported on in the past. It wasn't about trademark rights to the word "Cirque" or even about Discrimination, as in the 2003 case involving Matthew Cusick. This time Cirque du Soleil was dealing with a more fundamental problem: an injury - a catastrophic injury that had mostly incapacitated its victim. Who was he? What happened? Who was to blame? "Fascination!" reserves the right to hold its judgment; instead, we will present the facts of the case as detailed and let you decide who is at fau

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  • Filling Up La Nouba?

    Filling Up La Nouba?

    Disney is always pro-active in its promotional activities, often gobbling up dozens of website names way before it might ever want to use them. Jim Hill, who writes interesting articles about Disney over at, has taken to occasionally listing recent site acquisitions by the Disney Company. A few that struck our eye: — […]

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  • Who Knows, This Might Just be a Needed Skill!

    Who Knows, This Might Just be a Needed Skill!

    The Saturday, July 9 Dilbert had a funny payoff. Dilbert’s boss is pictured in the doctor’s office with his left arm crooked behind his left shoulder. The doctor sites it as a case of “Manager’s Elbow.” “It’s caused by patting yourself on the back and covering your butt at the same time,” he explains. His […]

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  • New Entertainment Complexes Announced!

    New Entertainment Complexes Announced!

    On June 22, 2005, Cirque du Soleil and Loto-Quebec announced a proposal to establish a world-class entertainment complex in Montreal. This announcement confirms years-old rumors about Cirque involving themselves in entertainment venues that would offer a wide range of entertainment options branded with Cirque du Soleil’s flair. The facts of this announcement are as follows: […]

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  • Final CD Reissues on their Way

    Final CD Reissues on their Way

    The final set of three “reissues” from Cirque du Soleil Musique are scheduled to hit US record stores on September 6 (and make their way to Canada on September 20). On that date you’ll be able to “complete your collection” with the CD’s from La Nouba, O, and Mystere (Live) – all sporting new graphics. […]

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  • Another Cirque Book on the Way?

    Another Cirque Book on the Way?

    Not quite. With her impending “retirement” as COO of Cirque, Lyn Heward will certainly have more time on her hands. But she’s filling up her time already, by branching out and – writing a book! “The Spark: Igniting The Creative Fire That Lives Within Us All”, written by Lyn with John Bacon, is due to […]

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  • Save on La Nouba!

    Save on La Nouba!

    The performances? Awe-inspiring. The music? Amazing. The savings? Yours. As a Disney Passholder, you can enjoy the Walt Disney World Resort-exclusive Cirque du Soleil show La Nouba at 25% off the regular price of Category 2 admission. This offer is good for performances from May 1 through September 20, 2005 (there are no shows on […]

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  • More Permanent Cirque?

    More Permanent Cirque?

    Rumors have been floating around for years now: Cirque du Soleil will open more permanent venues inside and outside of the United States. Oft rumored sites are London, England; Paris, France; Tokyo, Japan; Berlin, Germany, New York City, New York (USA); and many others. Just last month Cirque du Soleil stunned the Cirque fan community […]

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  • What’s Up at CirqueClub — May 2005

    What’s Up at CirqueClub — May 2005

    Cirque Club has been all over the premiere of Corteo. The have features on the press premiere (with video), and premiere night, as well as video clips of some of the creators and a gallery of photos. They also mention the Tokyo resident show, and talk about a Street Art project with Quidam in Melbourne. […]

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  • Corteo, CirqueCon, and Me

    Corteo, CirqueCon, and Me

    “Corteo, CirqueCon, and Me” (Guest Submission) By: Rich Alford – Seattle, Washington (USA) * * * I recall being in Orlando, Florida during July of 2004 and getting notification from Cirque du Soleil that a new traveling show will be premiering in Montreal, QC in April of 2005 and I was getting the chance to […]

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  • Who Has What it Takes? (4/4)

    Who Has What it Takes? (4/4)

    Last month we concluded our coverage of Cirque dancer auditions that took place in Seattle. After the day was over we had the opportunity to speak with two of the artists who were selected as active candidates to go into the Cirque du Soleil database. They kindly spent a few minutes to talk with my wife LouAnna and I.

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  • Dedicated to the Angels: A Review of Corteo

    Dedicated to the Angels: A Review of Corteo

    Corteo, Cirque du Soleil's latest touring show, opened in Montreal on April 21, 2005 and I, along with dozens of other Cirque fans, had the pleasure of seeing Corteo during its opening weekend. Directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca of Cirque Eloize fame, Corteo is a very different style of show for Cirque du Soleil and while reaction will undoubtedly be mixed, Corteo may be just what the company needs as a refreshing change to the style of their touring shows.

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  • What’s Up at CirqueClub — April 2005

    What’s Up at CirqueClub — April 2005

    With the press conference for new touring production Corteo concluded, Cirque Club has archived the performance section on its website. They didn’t, however, include the comments by Guy Laliberte, Line Tremblay and director Daniele Finzi Pasca. We, being the completists we have always been, would have liked these translated from French and placed on the […]

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