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  • What’s up at CirqueClub – January 2005

    What’s up at CirqueClub – January 2005

    Holiday wishes abound at Cirque Club this month. No less than 12 ways to send electronic messages, available in either Traditional Cards, Creative Cards (that add a special Cirque-ey note to your message), Animated cards, as well as two special Video cards – the first featuring performers from “O”, Mystère, and KÀ, the other featuring […]

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  • Cirque Rituals: What do Fans do?

    Cirque Rituals: What do Fans do?

    As a fan of Cirque du Soleil, I often wondered then what fans of our chosen sport -- watching Cirque du Soleil productions -- do? So I posed that question to the Cirque fandom at large through the CirqueTribune forum and my own LiveJournal -- "Does anyone have a specific set of rituals they perform at Cirque shows or when listening to the music? The responses confirmed that yes, we Cirque du Soleil fans do perform certain acts or series of acts before, during, and after a Cirque du Soleil show, when listening to the music or watching on Television.

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  • Tales from the CirqueCon, Part The First

    Tales from the CirqueCon, Part The First

    We knew it was going to be a learning experience. As preparations for CirqueCon continue, we thought it would be fun to "tell the story" of our preparations. We're not whining about how hard it is, but some of the challenges we've faced have sure been, uh, interesting, and worth telling. So consider this the first of what we hope to be a running commentary.

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  • Columnist Unveils KÀ

    Columnist Unveils KÀ

    On November 26, 2004, Las Vegas Sun columnist Jerry Fink unveiled Cirque du Soleil’s newest production — KÀ — to his readers, and there were some interesting bits that we wanted to bring to your attention. — The total cost of the production is $165 million US. $135 million is for the theater alone; $30 […]

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  • Want Some Mustard With That?

    Want Some Mustard With That?

    From the “what can you do with a billion dollars?” department, an article on CBC news says Cirque CEO Guy Laliberté has purchased what is said to be the last hotdog sold at a Montreal Expo’s game! The hotdog was acquired by a local radio station who in a previous promotion had awarded four tickets […]

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  • Their Life in Pictures

    Their Life in Pictures

    Varekai recently had its own “life on tour” photographic retrospective that was on display at North Park Mall in Dallas (Dillard’s Fountain Court). It included a selection of VAREKAI costumes that could be examined up close. The retrospective was part of the celebrations for the 1000th performance of Varekai, which took place on December 4 […]

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  • Cirque du Ebay, Partie Trois?

    Cirque du Ebay, Partie Trois?

    One of our goals throughout our newsletters existence has been to search for, uncover and present some of the most peculiar, unique and fascinating things that can be found lurking around the World Wide Web with a mysterious connection to our favorite circus -- Cirque du Soleil. This month we have another peculiar item to come across eBay and again... let the buyer beware. But before I go any further, let me ask you a question... What would you do if you saw an authentic piece of Cirque du Soleil costuming for sale? Imagine for a moment... ask yourself that question.

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  • A New Circus for a New Era

    A New Circus for a New Era

    When Cirque du Soleil burst on the scene twenty years ago, boldly claiming to re-invent the circus by bringing the intimate single-ring setting of European circuses, removing the animals, and incorporating theatre, dance and high art elements to their shows, it paved the way for a revolution in the circus world. The company's meteoric rise in popularity in the years since its inception has meant that many of Cirque du Soleil's more traditional competitors have had to shift the focus of their shows to make them more artistic and more theatrical; in a sense, more Cirque-like. Cirque du Soleil has been so revolutionary that it has become a genre that can more generally be described as "New Circus".

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  • What’s up at CirqueClub – November 2004

    What’s up at CirqueClub – November 2004

    Cirque has some great contests this month – if you’re not in the U.S. One that’s now closed offered a trip to Las Vegas to see all four Cirque shows including KÀ for you and *three* of your friends, but you could only read the rules in French, German or Dutch! (Not being fluent in […]

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  • Wanna Trade Up?

    Wanna Trade Up?

    There’s a new “trade-up” program available for Cirque Club members for certain shows in certain cities. Cirque Club members can now “trade up” their seats for seats previously reserved (but unused) for families of our producers, directors and artists. For example, Cirque Club ticket holders for Varekai in Dallas can now take advantage of these […]

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  • New Cirque Book: Dreams of the Solo Trapeze

    New Cirque Book: Dreams of the Solo Trapeze

    “Dreams of the Solo Trapeze: Offstage with the Cirque du Soleil” By: Mark Schreiber — ISBN: 0-9754664-0-2; $19.95 US From the Book’s Inside Jacket Cover: Enter a world unlike any other, where a dozen languages are spoken and scores of disciplines perfected — or invented; intimate and inscrutable, artistic and athletic, courageous and committed: the […]

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  • MGM/Mirage Third Quarter Profit Soars

    MGM/Mirage Third Quarter Profit Soars

    On October 20, 2004, MGM/Mirage reported a $126.9 million operating profit, which is a 169% increase from the same quarter last year. “Profit at MGM Mirage jumped in the third quarter,” Las Vegas Sun’s Liz Benston reported, “[due to] customers [spending] more at new amenities such as nightclubs and restaurants and hitting the slot machines […]

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  • Cirque Helps You Be Secure

    Cirque Helps You Be Secure

    In what sounds like a fun development, Las Vegas’ McCarran airport has filmed new “infomercials” designed to remind travelers about rules and regulations at the security checkpoints. And fittingly they star Las Vegas celebrities. Rita Rudner implores travelers not to crack jokes at the checkpoint, Lance Burton advises folks to empty their pockets of metal […]

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  • A Day at the Circus: Les  journées de la culture at TOHU

    A Day at the Circus: Les journées de la culture at TOHU

    Every year on the last weekend of September cultural institutions around the province of Québec open their doors for demonstrations, shows and tours as a part of the provincial government's Journées de la culture (Culture Days) initiative. This event provides fans of Cirque du Soleil the opportunity to make an annual pilgrimage to the international headquarters of the organization and tour the facilities where the magic is created, speak to employees who make the magic happen on a daily basis and watch upcoming artists in training.

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  • What’s up at CirqueClub – October 2004

    What’s up at CirqueClub – October 2004

    After a pause, Cirque Club returns to reporting with an article on the IHQ Open House during the Les Journees de la Culture in late September. The article includes 12 photos of characters, visitors, and kids in makeup applied by Cirque makeup artists (how cool is that?)! The Press Release section has been busy, starting […]

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