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  • Young Circus Forms Under CDS Coaching

    Young Circus Forms Under CDS Coaching

    Youngsters form junior circus under Cirque Du Soleil programme By Rita Zahara, Channel NewsAsia SINGAPORE : For the first time in Singapore, 65 youths and children have put up a circus under the tutelage of a Cirque Du Soleil trainer. Cirque Du Soleil’s community arm, Cirque Du Monde, is a highly successful international programme […]

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  • Taste of Cirque du Soleil?

    Taste of Cirque du Soleil?

    Tuesday, December 20, 2005 was the official debut of “A Taste of Cirque du Soleil©,” a new entertainment showcase featuring the magic and wizardry of Cirque du Soleil, created exclusively for Celebrity Cruises. A press release follows: “A Taste of Cirque du Soleil is the result of positive dialogue with our partners at Cirque, combined […]

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  • Interview with Dragone

    Interview with Dragone

    The Last Vegas Sun has an interview with Franco Dragone, brain-child of such Cirque du Soleil favorites as Mystere, Alegria, Quidam and O. You can read the interview here:

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  • Saltimbanco 2006 dates

    Saltimbanco 2006 dates

    We received a notice of unconfirmed South American dates for Saltimbanco in 2006 from someone on the Cirque Club Discussion Board. Especially note their extended stay in Sao Paulo Brazil – 2 ½ months! Saltimbanco 2006       Guadalajara, Mexico – Dec 2 – Jan 2       TBA, Mexico – Jan 12 – Feb 14       […]

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  • CDS Arena tour dates announced

    CDS Arena tour dates announced

    The Press Conference to announce the debut of “Delirium” Cirque’s musically-focused arena tour was Thursday morning. We’ve been looking for info all day on the Cirque site, with no luck. But what we DID find was something on the Clear Channel site, which is Cirque’s producing partner for this endeavor. The dates announced so […]

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  • Cirque Back in Ink With Zink!

    Cirque Back in Ink With Zink!

    “Cirque Back in Ink With Zink!” By: Keith Johnson – Seattle, Washington (USA) * * * Z!nk Magazine, which featured Varekai in a photo essays last year, has done it again. Their October, 2005 issue features, along with a section celebrating 100 years of Las Vegas, photo spreads from all four current Cirque Vegas shows, […]

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  • The Bar Has Fallen Off the Edge of the Earth

    The Bar Has Fallen Off the Edge of the Earth

    “The Bar Has Fallen Off the Edge of the Earth” By: Keith Johnson – Seattle, Washington (USA) * * * After trumpeting their collaboration with Celebrity Cruises to retrofit bar areas on cruise ships, we were hopeful Cirque was finally beginning to expand on the concept of “themed environments” they had always wished for. Sorry, […]

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  • What’s Up at CirqueClub – October 2005

    What’s Up at CirqueClub – October 2005

    Cirque Club is all over the release of the KA soundtrack . They feature samples from all the tracks on the album, as well as a welcome bonus; an interview with Dupéré and 17 minutes of audio commentary about several of the tracks. There’s also an article on the Tibetan trumpets featured as props (though […]

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  • René Dupéré, Composer

    René Dupéré, Composer

    Transcending geographic and stylistic boundaries, composer René Dupéré has sold over two million CDs worldwide. He composed the music for several of Cirque du Soleil's best selling productions and recordings, including Saltimbanco, Mystère and Alegría. After a ten year absence, Dupéré returned to the Cirque du Soleil fold with KÀ, which opened in February 2005 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV.

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  • Cirque to Release KÀ Soundtrack

    Cirque to Release KÀ Soundtrack

    [On] October 18th, Cirque du Soleil Musique will announce the release of the KÀ soundtrack, its most ambitious musical project to date. while remaining firmly rooted in Cirque du Soleil musical tradition, the recording featuring a 57-piece symphony orchestra and 40-member choir creates a unique musical universe both epic and lyrical.

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  • A Review of KÀ Extreme

    A Review of KÀ Extreme

    “A Review of KÀ Extreme” By: Rich Alford – Seattle, Washington (USA) * * * When asked to review this DVD at first I was thrilled. As I started to actually write I found it was going to be much more difficult that I thought. I wanted to give a moment-by-moment description (almost a transcription) […]

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  • Clowing Around Pays!

    Clowing Around Pays!

    The Wall Street Journal takes notice when unusual occupations start turning into big bucks. And so it noticed -circus clowning! An article entitled, “The Power Clown” appeared on page D1 of the Friday, August 12 edition of the Journal. Written by Kelly Crow, the article discussed the new breed of “superstar clown,” the reasons star […]

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  • What’s up at CirqueClub – August 2005

    What’s up at CirqueClub – August 2005

    So much can happen when you take a break! Since our last installment, Cirque web sites have been very busy. In Cirque Club, reports from Saltimbanco’s “Eddy” and Dralion tour member Jeroen discuss returns to their home towns (Paris and Rotterdam, respectively). Setting up a Cirque tent site after a hurricane hits is well documented […]

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  • Jacques Méthé joins the Cirque

    Jacques Méthé joins the Cirque

    Éric Fournier, Senior Vice-President, New Ventures at Cirque du Soleil, is pleased to announce the arrival of Jacques Méthé as head of Cirque du Soleil Images. As General Manager, Mr. Méthé will manage all television, film and DVD projects for Cirque du Soleil. For the past thirty years, Mr. Méthé has actively taken part in […]

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  • Cirque Passionates at the IHQ

    Cirque Passionates at the IHQ

    The Internet Marketing team came up with an agenda for the day, including a tour of the Studio's lobby and cafeteria. In addition to discovering the International Headquarters, the super-fans were treated to a presentation by Michel Leblanc, Rigging Team Leader and a Cirquester since our beginnings, and Bernard Petiot, Vice-President of Artistic Products, who explained the process by which an athlete is transformed into a performance artist. Bernard was pleasantly surprised by the meeting, and says that he learned a lot from their impressions and comments. A happy meeting indeed!

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