#LUZIAself, VOLTA & Amaluna Webseries



LUZIAself is a collection of portraits highlighting the unique stories, passion and dedication of some LUZIA artists.

• Episode 0: Teaser
• Episode 2: Hoop Diving
• Episode 2: Cyr Wheel
• Episode 3: Contortion
• Episode 4: Songs and Pole Dance
• Episode 5: Adagio
• Episode 6: Football Freestyle

VOLTA: “Freedom Moments”


“Freedom Moments” is a new series about how the artists from Cirque du Soleil’s NEW 2017 Big Top show, VOLTA, found their free. VOLTA is a story about the FREEDOM to choose and the thrill of blazing your own trail. Get up close and personal with VOLTA’s artists, discover their “Freedom Moments” and share yours with #FindYourFree!

• Episode 1: Elena – Ballerina
• Episode 2: Dina – Tightwire
• Episode 3: Rikki – Free Runner
• Episode 4: Paola – Roller Skater
• Episode 5: Harry – Swiss Rings

AMALUNA: “Our Island at the Royal Albert Hall”

Discover “Our Island at the Royal Albert Hall” and get an insider look at our London adventure!

• Episode 1: New Surprises
• Episode 2: The Premiere!