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KÀ: Behind the Blockbuster (2015)


KÀ deals with the theme of duality and is the epic story of a set of twins, separated at childhood, who must voyage through a series of adventures, while relentlessly pursued by enemies, in order to fulfill their destinies in a classic battle between good and evil. The story of KÀ brings together the different peoples of this world to meet their collective destiny.

• Episode 1: The Theater
• Episode 2: Wardrobe
• Episode 3: Beyond the Beats
• Episode 4: Batons & Flutes
• Episode 5: Headscan Process
• Episode 6: Weapons

ZUMANITY: Rated Cirque (2015)


Professional choreographer and YouTube sensation Yanis Marshall talks about incorporating his signature dance concept Men in Heels into the story and production of Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil. The magic pairing all began with a video of Yanis shared by Beyonce and discovered by the Cirque team, and resulted in a phenomenal revamp for Zumanity. In Episode 2, Get to know the wonderful, diverse cast of Zumanity. Assembled by Yanis Marshall, the 9 dancers are all incredibly different and bring completely unique aspects to the show. The one thing that unites them is phenomenal talent. In Episode 3, Yanis reveals the inspiration behind the brand new act he added to Zumanity, Perfect Jam, and the revamp of the final act, Extravaganza.

• Episode 1: The Choreographer
• Episode 2: No Limit Zone
• Episode 3: Extravaganza!

At The Heart of TORUK (2015)


A web series that lets you see the creative process of a show through the eyes of one of its artists. Discover TORUK’s massive performance space. Stand at the foot of the Omaticaya clan’s Hometree. Check out the distinct features of the stage floor with its hard and soft surfaces that enable the artists to leap in the air, just like the Na’vi in the movie.

• Episode 1: A Day During Creation
• Episode 2: Kite Manipulation
• Episode 3: Transfer to Bossier City
• Episode 4: Discover the Stage

Mastering the Impossible (2013-2014)


Xerox present “Mastering the impossible” a mini web series giving you exclusive access to Cirque du Soleil. With every “Mastering the impossible” vignette, we meet passionate individuals who capitalize on their strengths to contribute to the creation of a Cirque du Soleil show. With each position comes a different set of challenges. Our objective: discover how all individuals find the means to focus on what matters most.

• Episode 1: The Grand Tour
• Episode 2: Artist Integration
• Episode 3: The Creative Process
• Episode 4: The Grid
• Episode 5: Costumes
• Episode 6: Artist and Coach

C:LAB Workshop (2016-2017)


In the Workshops series – Presented by C:LAB, Cirque du Soleil explores a new acrobatic repertoire by reaching out to athletes from other disciplines.

• Episode 1: Russian Swing 1
• Episode 2: Russian Swing 2
• Episode 3: Russian Swing 3
• Episode 4: Bio: Mitch Head
• Episode 5: Bio: Bernard Petiot
• Episode 6: Bio: Richard Lepage
• Episode 7: Bio: Gergely Boi
• Episode 8: Bio: Sergey Volodin
• Episode 9: Acrosport
• Episode 10: Previously On…
• Episode 11: BMX 2016
• Episode 12: USSA: Trampo Wall
• Episode 13: Ice Skating
• Episode 14: Trapeze
• Episode 15: US Ski Team
• Episode 16: Bike & Bars
• Episode 17: Acrosport

Mystère: New Teeterboard (2016)

Year after year, Cirque du Soleil constantly update and re-imagine their shows with brand new acts. Here’s your first look at the update to the dynamic Teeterboard act in Mystère by Cirque du Soleil at Treasure Island in Las Vegas, Nevada.

• Episode 1: The Change
• Episode 2: The Process
• Episode 3: The Creation
• Episode 4: The Adaptation
• Episode 5: The Artist’s Perspective

“O” by Cirque du Soleil (2016)

Discover your personal emotional journey with “O”. This isn’t just our story. It is also your own unique story. A story that touches on your emotions, as expressed through the element of water. A story about your journey of self-expression, feeling, and escaping.

• Episode 1: Synchro Swimming
• Episode 2: Hoop Acrobatics
• Episode 3: The Water Stage
• Episode 4: The Production

Kurios About… (2015-2016)


Follow the cast and crew of KURIOS on tour, and find out what hides in their Cabinet of Curiosities. From the Big Top to Costumes, Make-up, Food and much more, the 12 episodes KURIOS About The Webseries gives fans a behind-the-scenes peek at the Cirque du Soleil’s 35th creation. Explore our universe and reality from the eyes of an insider, see the artists and the staff work with devotion to make the show happen day after day and discover how unique our on tour lifestyle is.

• Episode 0: Tour Life
• Episode 2: The Big Top
• Episode 3: The Creator’s Minds
• Episode 4: The Gears
• Episode 5: The Acronet
• Episode 6: The Food
• Episode 7: Friends and Family
• Episode 8: Heath and Fitness
• Episode 9: Costumes and Makeup
• Episode 10: Characters
• Episode 11: The Music
• Episode 12: The Hype
• Episode 13: Bonus Content!

From Athlete to Artist (2016)


This series of short webisodes focuses on former Olympians who have made the transition from athlete to Cirque du Soleil artist.

Episode 1: Athlete to Artist – “O”
Episode 2: Athlete to Artist – Amaluna
Episode 3: Athlete to Artist – Mystère
Episode 4: Athlete to Artist – KÀ
Episode 5: Athlete to Artist – OVO
Episode 6: Athlete to Artist – La Nouba
Episode 7: Athlete to Artist – MJ ONE
Episode 8: Athlete to Artist – Paramour
Episode 9: Athlete to Artist – Headquarters

AMALUNA: “Our Island at the RAH” (2017)

Discover “Our Island at the Royal Albert Hall” and get an insider look at our London adventure!

• Episode 1: New Surprises
• Episode 2: The Premiere!
• Episode 3: Rejuvination!