Cirque’s 30th

Cirque 30th

On June 16, 2014 Cirque du Soleil celebrated its 30th anniversary. It was also quite an auspicious milestone for me personally – I’m celebrating 15 years of following the sun. That’s a lot for some, not long for others, but for me that’s worth commemorating. To celebrate that personal milestone (as well as Cirque’s 30th) I’ve been working on a few projects behind the scenes here. I’m calling it “Richasi’s Summer of Cirque”.

First up, in celebration of Cirque du Solel’s 30th anniversary, I’ve put together a “book” entitled « Artisans de L’Imaginaire: 30 Ans du Cirque du Soleil », which looks at the company (and its projects) from a fan’s point of view. Collected here, and massaged into articles, are a combination of texts that have either been published here within the pages of Fascination or on my Cirque site – Le Grand Chapiteau, each stepping through the Cirque’s major projects year over year. In deference to Cirque du Soleil’s IP, it’s mostly text-based, but if you ever wanted those “look back” articles we’ve been publishing recently and/or parts of “The Grand Chapiteau” organized more as a book, this is it!

Next are « Le Grand Tour: Une Aventure du Cirque du Soleil » and « Live to Cirque: 15 Ans Après le Soleil » (Live to Cirque: 15 Years Following the Sun). Both of these are collections that feature my personal experiences with Cirque du Soleil. The first, “Le Grand Tour”, is a collection of articles that first appeared in Fascination throughout 2002, the year I embarked on a “mission” to see all then currently running Cirque shows – Varekai, Mystère, “O”, Alegría, La Nouba, Journey of Man, Dralion, Quidam and, lastly, Saltimbanco – within the span of one year. The second title, “Live to Cirque”, is a second edition collection of other Cirque-y based adventures, from fan gatherings (CirqueCon, Celebri and Cirquesters) to other adventures undertaken to new and exciting places because of Cirque du Soleil. Many of these articles have also been published in the pages of Fascination over the years, neatly collected here for those interested (namely me!)

Then, we celebrate Fascination’s launch (August 31, 2001) with a three-volume collection of best-of materials – enhanced for this release. Volume One – “In Their Own Words” – consists of the 20 plus interviews Keith and I have done (mostly Keith) over the years for Fascination, collected here for your reading pleasure. Volumes Two and Three – “Behind the Curtain” and “Beyond the Bigtop” respectively – take the best of the rest (in my opinion) articles that we’ve published here, and re-releases them, with flair! What’s that mean? It could mean some articles that originally existed over multi-issues are collected as one, it could mean some articles that were out-dated, but still have merit have been brought up to date, or it could mean that some articles that were started but never finished (and therefore never published) have been completed – just for this collection.

So enjoy!

« Artisans de L’Imaginaire: 30 Ans du Cirque »

« Le Grand Tour »

« Live to Cirque: Après le Soleil »

« From the Annals of Fascination! Newsletter »

    • Volume One – “In Their Own Words”       [ 193 Pages; 6.6 MB PDF ]
    • Volume Two – “Behind the Curtain”
    • Volume Three – “Beyond the Bigtop”

Updated: Aug.03.2014