LOVE: “10th” & “Come Together… Again”

Come Together… Again (2017)

In celebration of THE BEATLES LOVE’s 10 year anniversary, Cirque du Soleil took you on a journey to experience the magic backstage. They’re coming together once again to give you a much more intimate look behind the scenes! With over 5,000 performances, and close to 8 million spectators, this show is not just a tribute to The Beatles, but also a celebration. Giles Martin spent a good part of last year’s refresh re-mixing the soundtrack with state-of-the-art speakers. Now, everything you hear is new, and it feels like you’re right inside the control room with The Beatles! The show’s refresh added more life to many characters and scenes. Did you know that 9,801 hours were spent on 272 new costumes too? This and more in…

• Episode 0: The Teaser
• Episode 1: “In Celebration”
• Episode 2: “New Music!”
• Episode 3: “Sugarplum Fairy”
• Episode 4: “The Theater”
• Episode 5: “New Makeup”
• Episode 6: “Trapeze”
• Episode 7: “Revolution”
• Episode 8: “A Show for All Ages”
• Episode 9: “Guitar Gently Weeps”
• Episode 10: “The Artists”
• Episode 11: “The Final Stretch”
• Episode 12: “Hard Work Pays Off!”

The Beatles LOVE 10th Anniversary (2016)

Cirque du Soleil celebrates the 10-year anniversary of The Beatles LOVE with a look at the evolution of the beloved Las Vegas show.

• Episode 1: “Octopus’ Garden”
• Episode 2: Beginning of Evolution
• Episode 3: “Twist and Shout”
• Episode 4: Evolution of Sound
• Episode 5: Evolution of Props
• Episode 6: “Yesterday”
• Episode 7: Evolution of Costumes
• Episode 8: 10th Anniv Celebration