DidyaKnow? – Saltimbanco Facts, Part I: The Kitchen

On December 11, 2006, the curtain fell once again on Saltimbanco, Cirque du Soleil’s 1992 production celebrating life. Created as an antidote to the violence and despair typical of the 20th century, this phantasmagorical show proposes a new vision of urbanity, overflowing with optimism and happiness. To mark this point in time, Fascination presents the following facts from the Cirque archives in three parts – Part 1: The Kitchen, Part 2: The Village on Wheels, and Part 3: The Final Call.

Part I: The Kitchen

Did you know the Saltimbanco Kitchen…

  • … serves up to 400 meals a day, 6 days per week?
  • … staff consists of 13 people: 1 kitchen manager, 3 cooks, 1 garde manger, 3 locally hired dining room assistants, 2 locally hired prep cooks and 3 locally hired dishwashers?
  • … makes it’s own cakes, muffins and pastries every day?
  • … serves an average of 146,000 croissants for breakfast every year?
  • … provides the cast and crew with 31,200 liters of different juices a year?
  • … prepares 7,300 kilos of meat, and 73,000 kilos of potatoes a year?
  • … has daily menus influenced by the French, Canadian, Italian, South-East Asian, Spanish vegetarian, Dutch, Australian, Russian, Chinese, Swiss and German cuisine as well as by local restaurants and markets?
  • … serves typical dishes in every city prepared by local chefs following the local culinary traditions?
  • … offers an all-day salad bar with a choice of fruits, cold cuts, cheeses and salads besides the regular meals?
  • … has a dining room that is made up of 6 trailers and allows 80 people to be seated comfortably at once?
  • … has 2 large terraces in the summer for cast and crew to eat outside?
  • … serves breakfast 08h30 to 12h00, lunch from 12h00 to 17h00 and dinner from 17h00 to 21h30?
  • … can provide seating for 80 people at the same time, and the dining room is composed of six trailers?
  • … prepares desserts and pastries just for the troupe every day?
  • … sets up two large patios in the summertime so that the show’s cast and crew can eat outside?
  • … at least once in each city it visits, the Saltimbanco tour kitchen serves local specialties to let Cirque personnel try out local culinary traditions?

{ Source: Cirque du Soleil Press Room }