Issue #185: JUN 2019

Welcome to the latest edition of Fascination, the Unofficial Cirque du Soleil Newsletter.

Before we get started there are some congratulations in order: On May 11th, SYMA and VARELIA aboard the MSC Bellissima celebrated their 100th performance. On May 20th, LUZIA artist Abou Traore captured a Guinness World Record title for the Farthest Moonwalk with a Soccer Ball Balanced on his head (10 meters). Check out this amazing feat here: On May 26th, CRYSTAL celebrated its 500th performance. On June 1st, we got our first glimpses of Messi10 – “Discover a stage that will create an environment that brings together the acrobatics of Cirque du Soleil as well as the beautiful culture of football!” Check out that video here (and be on the lookout for other juicy details about the new show): And on June 2nd, KURIOS had its final performance in Japan. Check out this fantastic highlights video from the show’s journey across the country (with big thanks to Fuji Television who put the video together for the tour):


Cirque du Soleil is proud to announce its return on ice with a new creation that will spin you into the vibrant world of AXEL. This unique experience will showcase world-class acrobatic skating performances set in fantastical universes combining full-spectrum visual effects and awesome live music that seamlessly integrates popular songs with new original scores. “The success of our first creation on ice has reinforced our ambition to further explore the extensive creative possibilities of a frozen playground,” says Daniel Fortin, Vice President Creation. “With Cirque du Soleil AXEL, we will offer a truly electrifying experience to all audiences, pushing the boundaries of creativity with the unique approach that has forged the reputation of Cirque du Soleil.”

Follow AXEL and his dynamic group of friends whose passion for live music and graphic arts come to life in an exhilarating adventure that reminds us that our dreams are within reach. Discover this young artist as he falls for the fascinating Lei in a high-speed chase for love and self-realization. Sparks fly as they set out on a fast-moving quest through fun colorful fantastical worlds. Will he fulfill his destiny and find his voice?



Created to tour in arenas around the world, Cirque du Soleil AXEL will hit the ice for the first time in Cornwall, Ontario, on October 4, 2019, before taking the road to stop in several cities in the United States. This new on-ice experience will be presented in Quebec City and Montreal later this year. AXEL is the 48th original production of Cirque du Soleil.


For the second year in a row, Cirque du Soleil will be packing in Monaco for the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival, for five exclusive performances in the legendary Salle des Étoiles from August 15 to 19, 2019! Mixing gastronomy and high-flying acrobatics in a light and warm atmosphere, Cirque du Soleil will merge circus arts and culinary arts at the heart of the kitchen of a Casino Monte-Carlo restaurant. There a brigade of formidable cooks will cook great dishes, from exquisite salmon jelly to a sumptuous cake, which will come to life in an acrobatic and gourmet fairy tale that will delight young and old alike. High caliber artists will give substance to the story of this magical fairy tale. Icarian games, Chinese rings, aerial fabric, roller skates, juggling of all kinds, unicycle and trapeze-dance will be on the menu of this culinary allegory. This gastronomic fantasy will be carried by a soundtrack drawing from the music hall and jazz. The melodies, predominantly acoustic, will give pride to the brass, supported occasionally by the accordion and the harmonica, in grainy sounds with the scent of jazz and funk. The experience is €307.50 per person, you must be 7 years of age or older, and a jacket/dress is mandatory.


Theme Park University has been on the forefront of news regarding the on-again-off-again Cirque du Soleil-themed Theme Park in partnership with Vidanta, just as we have, and on June 7th, they received an official statement from both Vidanta and Cirque du Soleil regarding the future of the project:

The Parks at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta has expanded greatly in scope, shifting from a single theme park to a multi-tiered destination of immersive entertainment and vacation experiences across several park concepts, spanning hundreds of acres and countless one-of-a-kind experiences. As a continuation of our longstanding partnership with Cirque du Soleil, we are thrilled that a section of one of these concepts will be dedicated to their creative genius. The enhanced vision for The Parks is already underway with construction on many of its innovations currently in progress, as can be seen at the site in Nuevo Vallarta. As the project continues to advance, more details about this groundbreaking entertainment destination—including specifics about the expanded master plan—will be shared.

Hmm… What a saga. Worthy of a soap opera (or two)!

Okay, let’s go!