Hommage 4 is Juste une p’tite nuite

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TROIS-RIVIÈRES – Cirque du Soleil will be welcoming Cirque du Soleil to Cogeco Amphitheater next summer for a tribute to the Colocs. The announcement was made Tuesday by the creative team that intends to stand out from the last two shows in Trois-Rivières both by working from the band’s soundtracks and thus the voice of Dédé Fortin that a live musical performance on the scene.

Is does not expect to see a group of musicians settled before the spectators but a multi-instrumentalist musician and dancer who lead other performers in its wake. As the show will be marked by percussive dance and the use of unconventional instruments by the stage artists, we expect to surprise the audience by an inventive re-reading of the soundtrack.

The designers decided to locate Just a Little Night in a dilapidated alley where “… an eclectic gang of friends meets every night under the twilight of a street lamp to explode urban greyness and burst a percussive a festive spiral inspired by the percussive poetry of the Colocs “to quote the very text of Cirque du Soleil’s press release.

To do this, we intend to accompany the music of an acrobatic universe different from what we saw in the past by presenting to the public in particular new disciplines.

While Daniel Fortin, Executive Creative Director at 45 Degrees spoke of the emotion that the Colocs always inspire for Quebeckers, the director Jean-Guy Legault insisted on the surprises that will be reserved for the spectators in addition to the aspect festive of representation. “The idea of ??the show is to find the spirit of the Colocs,” he said. It was an eclectic and unifying group that was very engaged through strong and impactful texts. Even though the band did not have a very long life, it has left a lot of people. ”

“What we will propose is to spend a night in the boots of the Colocs. We want to find their “grungy” spirit with very lucid words. It will be colorful and very percussive. The scene itself will become a musical instrument. The action will take place on the stage and in the room. ”

“We want to find what we lived when we saw the Colocs show: it seemed to be one of their chums. Their colors were those of the people who were invited to join the group and who gave a lot of diversity to their music. ”

At the fourth show in this series of tributes, the challenge remains as great for the designers. “It’s a challenge because it’s not the same group, not the same story that is told, not the same time, not the same speech, says Jean-Guy Legault. For the Colocs, the danger is to lose their word. We tend to listen to music forgetting the very impactful texts. Dédé Fortin was a poet very connected to his time. And all that remains very current: it could have been written today. It shows the hope of mixed youth with a disillusion. ”

Just a little night will count, like the four previous shows, thirteen or fourteen musical pieces. “A particularity this year is that instead of following a character, because we want to bathe in the soul of the group, we will follow a symbolic. Throughout the show, there will be a jacket and a pair of boots on stage and all the people in the production will end up wearing them in each of the numbers. The soul and the spirit will be present without there being a personification of the members of the group. ”

The remaining members of the training were contacted and some of them agreed to feed the designers’ thoughts. “We told them they can not dictate their own homage,” says Jean-Guy Legault. We give them a present then, they had to agree to unpack it only during the first one. I can say that trust is well established. They have an idea of ??the direction we are taking, but like the spectators, they will have surprises. ”

{ SOURCE: Le Nouvelliste | https://goo.gl/FykM8n }