LA NOUBA: Thank you for the thrills!

Three cheers to the cast and crew of “La Nouba,” which after 19 years of thrills bowed out with a spectacular performance on New Year’s Eve. Theatergoers were treated to a balloon drop at the show’s finale (“La Nouba, 1998-2017” the balloons read, with “Goodbye” printed in multiple languages representing the performers’ international backgrounds.)

A souvenir “Au revoir” pin, depicting the show’s distinctive white-tent theater, was also handed out to ticketholders.

But the real treat, as always, was the show itself. The performers were on fire Sunday night as they nailed trick after trick, stunt after stunt and feat after feat — despite what must have been an emotional day for them.

There was one heart-pounding miss – by a trapeze artist, who plummeted to the safety net below. But that provided a needed reminder that we’re not watching child’s play here. The artistry is heightened by the danger. And when the high-flying troupe repeated the move — with solid success — the Disney Springs theater practically shook with the crowd’s roar of approval.

A new Cirque-Disney collaboration is in the works, but I won’t soon forget all that “La Nouba” brought to Orlando — partnerships with Orlando Ballet and Creative City Project were two of its most visible contributions.

Thankfully, Benoit Jutras’ soaring and pulsing music remains to remind us of this colorful, whimsical, exhilarating burst of creativity that added diversity to our entertainment landscape while reminding us to always dream big.

{ SOURCE: Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel | }