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  • Issue #184: MAY 2019

    Issue #184: MAY 2019

    This Month: It's all about Alegria: In a New Light!

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  • Issue #183: APR 2019

    Issue #183: APR 2019

    This Month: Alegría holds its press conference! Cirque/MGM Staff Get Shuffled Around. Pollstar 2018 Numbers are In, LUZIA Heads to London, and more!

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  • Issue #182: MAR 2019

    Issue #182: MAR 2019

    This Month: ONOD to broadcast on CBS, Kurios heads Down Under, fallout from "Finding Neverland" documentary hits MJ ONE, More on the new Alegria, and more!

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  • Issue #181: FEB 2019

    Issue #181: FEB 2019

    This Month: More on Alegría: In a New Light, #CirqueMessi is Messi10, Cirque buys "The Works Entertainment", X: The Land of Fantasy debuts on August 10th, and more!

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  • Issue #180: JAN 2019

    Issue #180: JAN 2019

    This Month: DIVA makes way for REBEL in Andorra, Mystère has a new VIP Experience, new Alegría songs released, and BAZZAR makes it's debut, and more!

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  • Issue #179: DEC 2018

    Issue #179: DEC 2018

    This Month: Cirque designs a water park? A theater in Moscow to open in 2019, information on the WDW show, and more!

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  • Issue #178: NOV 2018

    Issue #178: NOV 2018

    This Month: Cirque teams up with Leo Messi, announces X: The Land of Fantasy for Hangzhou, unlocks the mystery of "awe", and more!

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  • Issue #177: OCT 2018

    Issue #177: OCT 2018

    This Month: We say goodbye to Septimo Dia, NFL Experience. Say hello to Big Top Academy and more!

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  • Issue #176: SEP 2018

    Issue #176: SEP 2018

    This Month: It's a Slow News Month: Volta Experiences a Splash, BMG Founders Step Back, and more!

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  • Issue #175: AUG 2018

    Issue #175: AUG 2018

    This Month: Our 175th issue! New Criss Angel Show in Vegas, "Juste une p'tite nuite" a success, DIVA launches, more about Bazzar, and more!

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  • Issue #174: JUL 2018

    Issue #174: JUL 2018

    This Month: Cirque Acquires VStar Entertainment, BAZZAR Announced!, Cirque Launching CREACTIVE in Malls, And a new Rosé Wine... and more!

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  • Issue #173: JUN 2018

    Issue #173: JUN 2018

    This Month: Elena Lev to return to Alegria, Volta on Bell Fibe, Septimo Dia on final farewell tour, and more!

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  • Issue #172: MAY 2018

    Issue #172: MAY 2018

    This Month: An Icon Returns - Alegria! Cirque's Change in Direction; VOLTA returns to the stage; 45 Degrees in the news; and more!

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  • CirqueCast, Season 2 Episode 3:<br />CRYSTAL Review & Interview

    CirqueCast, Season 2 Episode 3:
    CRYSTAL Review & Interview

    CirqueCast is a Vodcast (that’s video podcast) for Cirque fans by Cirque fans – featuring artist interviews, Cirque headlines, and the inside scoop to your favorite Cirque du Soleil shows! Join your hosts José Pérez (TheChapiteau), Richard “Richasi” Russo (Fascination!), Ian Rents (Hardcore Cirque Fans), and new addition Max Olson, as we bring you a […]

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  • Issue #171: APR 2018

    Issue #171: APR 2018

    This Month: Volta and Cirque in mourning; a show with horses?; Cirque in Saudi Arabia; No more Theme Park; and more!

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