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  • Ferguson & Allaire – Album Producers <br />“Making Unexpected Magic Timeless”

    Ferguson & Allaire – Album Producers
    “Making Unexpected Magic Timeless”

    When the soundtrack CD of the Tokyo, Japan resident show ZED (Cirque du Soleil Musique, CDSMCD-10031, 2009) was released reaction was enthusiastic, yet fans wondered about some of the decisions made in the albums production. So we at Fascination went right to the source, the albums production team of Martin Lord-Ferguson and Ella Louise Allaire (EL-uh Lou-EEZ Uh-LAIR).

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  • Violaine Corradi – Composer <br />“Working for Joy”

    Violaine Corradi – Composer
    “Working for Joy”

    With the release of the ZAIA CD (Cirque du Soleil Musique CDSMC-20029, 2009) in the US (and coming up in Canada on October 20), it is our honor and privilege to continue our series on the music of Cirque du Soleil with an exclusive interview with the Musical Composer of ZAIA, Ms. Violaine Corradi.

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  • Alain Vinet – Musical Director <br /> “Moving Cirque”

    Alain Vinet – Musical Director
    “Moving Cirque”

    We often talk in these pages about Cirque music, its influence, popularity and the high esteem (and high expectations) it has amongst fans. Many have praised its unique sound and style while at the same time wondering about (and sometimes even questioning) decisions made by soundtrack CD producers. Last month we had a chance to talk with the very kind Alain Vinet (Al-ahn VEE-nay), Cirque du Soleil’s Musical Director, about his role in the creation of "25" as well as the show soundtracks so close to the hearts of many devoted fans.

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  • The John-Paul Interview

    The John-Paul Interview

    We first met John-Paul Gasparrelli with a short interview in our very first issue. At the time (September, 2001) he had just become the Musical Director/Keyboardist for "O" in Las Vegas. Though only Musical Director until Spring 2003, his story of how he became a musician, his climb up the ladder, and his thoughts on music are inspiring.

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  • Steben Sisters Interview

    Steben Sisters Interview

    In 2003, when we heard that the Steben Sisters would be appearing for a limited time in our local Seattle production of Teatro Zinzanni (, we knew we had to try and see if we could talk to them. So I got in touch with One Reel Productions (, the non-profit arts organization that produces Zinzanni. Would the Stebens possibly consent to talk with us? I asked. We are proud to present a live (if several years old) in-depth exclusive interview with those fabulous ladies of the flying trapeze, the Steben Sisters!

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  • A Conversation with René Dupéré

    A Conversation with René Dupéré

    Before Cirque du Soleil, the world of circus music was populated by brass bands and marshal music arrangements. Certainly there were occasional forays into the unusual, but it was Cirque that pioneered the concept of bringing more modern, more "world-music" sounds into a circus context. Winning accolades and influencing countless others, it is the music of Cirque du Soleil that, through the ears, prepares the mind for the wonders about to unfold before the eyes. This is a tribute not only to René Dupéré, Benoit Jutras, Violaine Corradi, and other Cirque composers, but also to Cirque's ability to mesh all the elements of circus and stagecraft into a magical whole.

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  • BJ, Live from Japan – an Online Chat

    BJ, Live from Japan – an Online Chat

    On a wonderful Sunday evening in March, BJ, the drummer on tour with Quidam, once again took a few moments out of his busy schedule to chat with Cirque du Soleil fans via the Internet. Like last time, BJ joined about 10 Cirque fans from across the globe on the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network. He spoke with us about Japan, his current feelings about the tour, projects he's working on and various opinions about where he is in life.

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  • An Evening’s Chat with BJ – Quidam’s Percussionist

    An Evening’s Chat with BJ – Quidam’s Percussionist

    It was a daunting challenge involving weeks of planning and several authorizations but we finally achieved our end result... a chat with a Cirque du Soleil musician! How would it be done? Which communication program would we use? How would I keep control over the chat? These and many more questions arose as those weeks began melting away. But, on August 17, 2003 at 8:00pm Eastern Daylight Time, the chat began and all the troubles of bringing it together were quickly forgotten. With a "Good Morning from Japan," our guest, BJ, a percussionist with the Quidam tour currently in Japan, joined us for about 2 and a half hours that Sunday night and spoke about who he is, what he's doing, and where he may be headed next, not to mention that he enjoys Sushi, Sake, Pocky and a good Irish Pub!

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  • John-Paul Gasparrelli – The new Musical Director for “O”!

    John-Paul Gasparrelli – The new Musical Director for “O”!

    Just as we were putting this issue "to bed" we were surprised by an "introductory" message from the newly-hired Musical Director/Conductor/Keyboardist for "O", John-Paul Gasparrelli, which appeared on the Cirque Mailing List. Of course we couldn't let such an opportunity pass! We're quite pleased to bring you our first interview - an introductory chat with John-Paul! He'll be starting his Cirque career in late October, so here we discuss a little of his life pre-Cirque and how he got the job.

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