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  • REVIEW /// “KURIOS: Reality is Relative!”

    REVIEW /// “KURIOS: Reality is Relative!”

    Those of you who’ve met me know I am a champion for experiencing the premiere of a new Cirque du Soleil show amongst the hometown crowd. There’s absolutely no substitute for being in the stands of the Grand Chapiteau with a couple-thousand Québécois, clapping and stomping to the show’s beat, having a marvelous time celebrating […]

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  • “Cavalia Continues its ‘Odysseo'”

    “Cavalia Continues its ‘Odysseo'”

    Back in our April, 2007 issue, we reviewed “Cavalia,” a horse/circus arts performance spectacle. Now their second show, entitled “Odysseo” (pronounced ODD-ess-AY-oh) has returned with more beautiful horses and exciting circus acts, so my lovely wife and I went to check it out when it visited Seattle, though we waited until the price was right. […]

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  • “Michel Laprise – Coordinating Cirque’s Special Events”

    “Michel Laprise – Coordinating Cirque’s Special Events”

    Back in January, Michel Laprise was publicly announced as the writer and director of Cirque du Soleil’s newest touring show KURIOS – CABINET OF CURIOSITIES, a post he obviously took up a couple of years prior. As Cirque’s official biography of Mr. Laprise states, Michel worked in theater for nine years as an actor, director and artistic director before joining Cirque du Soleil in 2000. Even before he was out of theater school, Michel had started his own creation company, Théâtre Pluriel, which spawned a number of innovative productions that have garnered both popular and critical acclaim. At Cirque du Soleil, Michel spent five years as a talent scout (fans might remember seeing his name in Cirque’s 2002 reality series “Fire Within”) before taking on, in 2006, the role of Special Events Designer.

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  • “Introducing the New ZARKANA”

    “Introducing the New ZARKANA”

    On Friday, February 28th, Cirque du Soleil previewed the “new” Zarkana to a public audience, and though a small number of press reviews have been published regarding the changes (namely from the Las Vegas Sun and Las Vegas Review-Journal) that detail some of these changes, the following is how Cirque du Soleil now describes the show on its website and press materials.

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  • “The Tech Behind Michael Jackson ONE”

    “The Tech Behind Michael Jackson ONE”

    Here at Fascination! we like to clue our readers in to interesting articles about Cirque du Soleil and its shows that appear in various printed, video, and online media. Recently we found one such article discussing the stage technology of Michael Jackson ONE. Unfortunately it requires the potential reader to subscribe to the online edition […]

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  • Cirque 2014 is: “KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities”

    Cirque 2014 is: “KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities”

    “Things are getting curious and curiouser at the Cirque du Soleil,” said the Montreal Gazette this morning, as Cirque du Soleil revealed the unusual moniker for its newest touring production today: KURIOS – the Cabinet of Curiosities, directed by Michel Laprise. Presented under the Big Top in Montréal’s Old Port starting April 24, the show […]

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  • “Quantity or Quality: A look at Cirque Facebook stats”

    “Quantity or Quality: A look at Cirque Facebook stats”

    For the last two months we featured an interview with Mr. Andrew Levey, Director of Customer Relationship Marketing for Cirque du Soleil, about Cirques efforts on social media. As part of our research homework, we wanted an idea of how often the various Cirque shows use social media, specifically Facebook. So we did what we […]

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  • “Amaluna on DVD – A Quick Peek”

    “Amaluna on DVD – A Quick Peek”

    UPC –- 8-43277-06686-3 Catalog — 516323 Video — 1.78:1 Wide screen Audio — English 2.0/5.1/DTS Run Time –- 1 hour 48 minutes Region –- 0/All Just as our January 2014 issue “headed to press” last month, I’d received via mail the package I had been waiting over a week for: my copy of the AMALUNA […]

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  • “A Beautiful Roaring Scream – Viva L’Alegría!”

    “A Beautiful Roaring Scream – Viva L’Alegría!”

    If you have no voice, Scream. If you have no legs, Run. If you have no hope, Invent. And if everything were permissible? And if it was the king’s fool who made sense? And if the Big Top became a magical world where the elderly became young and where the kings were clowns! And if […]

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  • “LA NOUBA: Still Living it Up!”

    “LA NOUBA: Still Living it Up!”

    The evening of May 8, 1999 is a date I shall never forget. From Section 205, Row LL, Seat 17 I was about to be indoctrinated into the world of Cirque du Soleil for the very first time. To tell you the truth I had my reservations about seeing the show. Its cost was astronomical […]

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  • “DELIRIUM: The Great Experiment”

    “DELIRIUM: The Great Experiment”

    “If someone put together a Cirque du Soleil Cover Band that only played the Cirque’s music, do you think it would be popular to the general public?” A fan of Cirque du Soleil posed such a question in early 2004 and the response provoked was rather negative. Who would want to listen to a cover […]

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  • “Fifteen Years of O at Bellagio”

    “Fifteen Years of O at Bellagio”

    What immediately comes to mind when you hear someone exclaim “Oh!?” Do you wait for some kind of follow-up; a signal that the person who expressed it will expound upon something he or she just discovered? Or do you let yourself drip into a world without limits – a theatrical encounter with the possibilities and […]

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  • “Still a BeLIEver?” – Celebrating 5 Years

    “Still a BeLIEver?” – Celebrating 5 Years

    “Would you believe nine Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas by 2010?” That’s how one of Fascination’s by-lines read on July 6, 2006, as the unofficial Cirque du Soleil newsletter highlighted a story, published by the Las Vegas Sun, which reviewed potential plans for the expansion of Cirque du Soleil’s empire in Las Vegas […]

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  • “The Wider World of Cirque-Centric Podcasts”

    “The Wider World of Cirque-Centric Podcasts”

    The podcasting universe is wildly diverse both in terms of audio quality and skill of the hosts. You can tell some just blast out to the world hoping to be heard, while others have a passion and knowledge of their subject that makes them eminently listenable. Some take pains to create shows with interesting well-researched […]

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  • “ZUMANITY: 10 Years of Sensuality”

    “ZUMANITY: 10 Years of Sensuality”

    In 1993, Cirque du Soleil planted what it called a “Flower in the Desert” with Mystère and watched its newly-formed garden bloom when it launched “O” in 1998 to enormous success. When their partner – Mirage Resorts – merged with MGM Grand in May 2000 and their Mirage, Treasure Island, and Bellagio resorts joined with […]

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