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  • “Le Grand Concert on DVD – A Quick Peek”

    “Le Grand Concert on DVD – A Quick Peek”

    For two weeks in December Cirque du Soleil presented a monumental celebratory event to the public – CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: LE GRAND CONCERT, a musical experience live at the stunning Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church in Montreal. The idea for a concert celebrating the vibrant music of Cirque du Soleil found its creative spark during a musical summit […]

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  • “Call Me!” – Audience Participation at TOTEM

    “Call Me!” – Audience Participation at TOTEM

    “Coulrophobia” is the term for fear of clowns. For those with this malady, the possibility of interacting with one while in a Cirque du Soleil tent (or any tent) sends shivers down the spine. Mostly during pre-show animation, yet sometimes during a show, Cirque clowns select audience members to participate in a bit of light-hearted […]

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  • Cirque AVATAR is: “TORUK – The First Flight”

    Cirque AVATAR is: “TORUK – The First Flight”

    Cirque du Soleil is very happy to unveil the name of its next touring show inspired by James Cameron’s record-breaking movie AVATAR : TORUK – The First Flight. Presented by Visa Signature, this brand new creation will tour in arenas around the world starting November 2015. The show will premiere in Montreal on December 21.

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  • “So, What Are People Saying About JOYA?”

    “So, What Are People Saying About JOYA?”

    It's been a couple of months now since the premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s dinner and show concept at Riviera Maya, Mexico, and we’re not hearing much about the audiences reactions to JOYA. But if these reviews on Trip Advisor are a good indication, people love it! Although that’s not to say people out there don’t hate it too... As of this writing there are 175 reviews about the show and almost 80% are very favorable!

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  • “LE GRAND CONCERT: Celebrating 30 Years Through Music”

    “LE GRAND CONCERT: Celebrating 30 Years Through Music”

    Montreal’s favorite circus celebrated three decades of iridescent genius in a number of whimsical ways throughout the year, but the creative companymay have saved the best bash for last. From December 13th through 28th – just a little over two weeks – Cirque du Soleil invited friends and fans alike to witness something genuinely spectacular […]

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  • “An Inside Look at JOYÀ, The Pearl in a Mangrove Jungle”

    “An Inside Look at JOYÀ, The Pearl in a Mangrove Jungle”

    Cirque du Soleil and Grupo Vidanta present the world premiere of JOYÀ in Riviera Maya, directed by Martin Genest and Richard Dagenais. This first-of-its-kind intimate culinary and theatrical experience will be performed in the custom-designed, 600-seat Cirque du Soleil Theater near The Grand Mayan resort!

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  • “KÀ at 10: The Original Creator’s Notebook”

    “KÀ at 10: The Original Creator’s Notebook”

    The following entries are excerpts given to us by an anonymous Cirquester from the KÀ Creators’ Notebook, and they feature some very interesting behind-the-scenes notes regarding the creation of the MGM Grand show. Picking up just following the official press conference on September 15, 2004, we hear from Anh-Dao Bui (the Assistant to the Production Manager), Céciles Vignes (Internal Communications Advisor), and Stéphane Mongeau (Production Manager) as milestones in the show’s creation are reached – including living through a “Lion’s Den” performance!

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  • “Fidding Around the Edges”

    “Fidding Around the Edges”

    We’ve heard and written about in these pages some of the difficult decisions Cirque du Soleil has had to make to get in line with the current economic “reset.” Layoffs at Cirque IHQ and eliminating on-tour schooling are just two examples. In addition, two subtler changes have taken place which, on their face, might not be considered hugely money-saving or revenue-generating. But when considered in the larger perspective they are certainly significant. SHIFT CHANGE – Until recently, a “workday” at a Cirque Big Top tour for a two-show day was set up to emulate the common 8-hour workday many of us work. The shift would start at 2:30pm with the crew clocking in, stocking up the tent and getting the popcorn popping (department leads would start 15 minutes earlier). The Concessions tent opens at 3pm for the first selling period of one hour. The Grand Chapiteau opens at 3:30pm for a 30-minute seating period for the Matinee.

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  • “Cirque Around the Globe – A Survey”

    “Cirque Around the Globe – A Survey”

    On July 22, 2014, I received an invitation from Cirque du Soleil to take a survey. Most of the time I ignore surveys because they rarely apply to me - I'm not your typical consumer, especially when it applies to Cirque du Soleil - however, the survey's introduction piqued my interest, so I took it. Here's what it was all about...

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  • “Pollstar 2014: Where do Cirque’s Tours Rank Now?”

    “Pollstar 2014: Where do Cirque’s Tours Rank Now?”

    For the past few weeks, Pollstar’s intrepid investigators, number crunches and numerologists have been intensely studying box office figures accrued during the first six months of 2014. After the data was processed by their new quantum-enhanced Colossus computer, a clear picture of ticket amounts, prices and box office final results emerged. (Did you smell the spewing smoke and hear the grinding gears?)

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  • “We Are All Quidams – Celebrating 6,000 Performances”

    “We Are All Quidams – Celebrating 6,000 Performances”

    Quidam: “It could be anyone, anybody,” the show’s programme observes. “Someone coming, going, living in our anonymous society. A member of the crowd, one of the silent majority. One who cries out, sings and dreams within us all.” This is the quidam that Cirque du Soleil is celebrating. In this world, the one who cries […]

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  • “The Tech Behind LIGHT Nightclub – A Summary”

    “The Tech Behind LIGHT Nightclub – A Summary”

    As we mentioned a few issues back, at Fascination! we like to clue our readers in to interesting articles about Cirque du Soleil and its shows that appear in various printed, video, and online media. Back in March we summarized one such article discussing the stage technology of Michael Jackson ONE. Just a short three […]

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  • “A Baroque Odyssey: Cirque’s Amazing Journey” (30th Anniversary Historia)

    “A Baroque Odyssey: Cirque’s Amazing Journey” (30th Anniversary Historia)

    “Those who are able to walk on stilts can roam the earth unstopped by mountains or rivers. They are able to imagine flying and therefore to reach the Isles of the Immortals.” – P’ao-Pou Tseu The Cirque du Soleil story is about a group of young people who wanted nothing more than the freedom to […]

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  • REVIEW /// “KURIOS: Reality is Relative!”

    REVIEW /// “KURIOS: Reality is Relative!”

    Those of you who’ve met me know I am a champion for experiencing the premiere of a new Cirque du Soleil show amongst the hometown crowd. There’s absolutely no substitute for being in the stands of the Grand Chapiteau with a couple-thousand Québécois, clapping and stomping to the show’s beat, having a marvelous time celebrating […]

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  • “Cavalia Continues its ‘Odysseo'”

    “Cavalia Continues its ‘Odysseo'”

    Back in our April, 2007 issue, we reviewed “Cavalia,” a horse/circus arts performance spectacle. Now their second show, entitled “Odysseo” (pronounced ODD-ess-AY-oh) has returned with more beautiful horses and exciting circus acts, so my lovely wife and I went to check it out when it visited Seattle, though we waited until the price was right. […]

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