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  • Beatles LOVE: Where The 3 Extra Minutes Are

    Beatles LOVE: Where The 3 Extra Minutes Are

    Ever since the release of the Beatles/Cirque du Soleil LOVE CD I've immersed myself in Beatlesmania, as my girlfriend can attest. I'm reading everything I can get my hands on, learning about the infamous edits and anomalies that exist in their music and allowing the CD unprecedented continuous play in both my car and house. Unfortunately the DVD has not received the same treatment -- I don't have 5.1 in my car I'm sad to say. Thus I began to wonder where the 3 extra minutes were.

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  • An Overview of the 2007 ‘Poster Art’ Calendar

    An Overview of the 2007 ‘Poster Art’ Calendar

    Believe it or not, the "Poster Art" calendar is but one of three Cirque du Soleil-themed schedules available for your enjoyment next year and their proliferation comes as quite a surprise to us.

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  • Cirque du Delirium

    Cirque du Delirium

    Cirque du Soleil stole my idea - how dare they! I once wrote an article for the Fascination! newsletter (Issue #30, February 2004, available in our Back Issues section) about creating a Cirque music cover band and now we have Cirque du Soleil's Delirium, where the music is the focal point of the show. At first I had mixed, or should I say re-mixed, feelings because I have to admit that the dance mix songs from the "Solarium" and "Delirium" CDs were not very appealing to me. That is, until I got used to them.

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  • A Conversation with René Dupéré

    A Conversation with René Dupéré

    Before Cirque du Soleil, the world of circus music was populated by brass bands and marshal music arrangements. Certainly there were occasional forays into the unusual, but it was Cirque that pioneered the concept of bringing more modern, more "world-music" sounds into a circus context. Winning accolades and influencing countless others, it is the music of Cirque du Soleil that, through the ears, prepares the mind for the wonders about to unfold before the eyes. This is a tribute not only to René Dupéré, Benoit Jutras, Violaine Corradi, and other Cirque composers, but also to Cirque's ability to mesh all the elements of circus and stagecraft into a magical whole.

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  • Cirque Back in Ink With Zink!

    Cirque Back in Ink With Zink!

    “Cirque Back in Ink With Zink!” By: Keith Johnson – Seattle, Washington (USA) * * * Z!nk Magazine, which featured Varekai in a photo essays last year, has done it again. Their October, 2005 issue features, along with a section celebrating 100 years of Las Vegas, photo spreads from all four current Cirque Vegas shows, […]

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  • The Bar Has Fallen Off the Edge of the Earth

    The Bar Has Fallen Off the Edge of the Earth

    “The Bar Has Fallen Off the Edge of the Earth” By: Keith Johnson – Seattle, Washington (USA) * * * After trumpeting their collaboration with Celebrity Cruises to retrofit bar areas on cruise ships, we were hopeful Cirque was finally beginning to expand on the concept of “themed environments” they had always wished for. Sorry, […]

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  • A Review of KÀ Extreme

    A Review of KÀ Extreme

    “A Review of KÀ Extreme” By: Rich Alford – Seattle, Washington (USA) * * * When asked to review this DVD at first I was thrilled. As I started to actually write I found it was going to be much more difficult that I thought. I wanted to give a moment-by-moment description (almost a transcription) […]

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  • Cirque Passionates at the IHQ

    Cirque Passionates at the IHQ

    The Internet Marketing team came up with an agenda for the day, including a tour of the Studio's lobby and cafeteria. In addition to discovering the International Headquarters, the super-fans were treated to a presentation by Michel Leblanc, Rigging Team Leader and a Cirquester since our beginnings, and Bernard Petiot, Vice-President of Artistic Products, who explained the process by which an athlete is transformed into a performance artist. Bernard was pleasantly surprised by the meeting, and says that he learned a lot from their impressions and comments. A happy meeting indeed!

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  • It’s a Tough Job…

    It’s a Tough Job…

    The blurb on the plastic bag (that keeps prying hands from thumbing through the pages) proudly proclaims, "Stars of the hottest show in Vegas bare all!" The August, 2005 Playboy Magazine hit the stands recently, with a pictorial featuring some of the female (and male) stars of Zumanity within. While I myself am no expert on the subject of men's magazines, the duty fell to me. And with all the arguments of whether Playboy objectifies women acknowledged, we shall plunge ahead.

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  • Cirque vs. Mark Brown

    Cirque vs. Mark Brown

    It's unfortunate that we must cover yet another lawsuit against Cirque du Soleil. Yet this lawsuit was quite different from those we've reported on in the past. It wasn't about trademark rights to the word "Cirque" or even about Discrimination, as in the 2003 case involving Matthew Cusick. This time Cirque du Soleil was dealing with a more fundamental problem: an injury - a catastrophic injury that had mostly incapacitated its victim. Who was he? What happened? Who was to blame? "Fascination!" reserves the right to hold its judgment; instead, we will present the facts of the case as detailed and let you decide who is at fau

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  • Corteo, CirqueCon, and Me

    Corteo, CirqueCon, and Me

    “Corteo, CirqueCon, and Me” (Guest Submission) By: Rich Alford – Seattle, Washington (USA) * * * I recall being in Orlando, Florida during July of 2004 and getting notification from Cirque du Soleil that a new traveling show will be premiering in Montreal, QC in April of 2005 and I was getting the chance to […]

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  • Who Has What it Takes? (4/4)

    Who Has What it Takes? (4/4)

    Last month we concluded our coverage of Cirque dancer auditions that took place in Seattle. After the day was over we had the opportunity to speak with two of the artists who were selected as active candidates to go into the Cirque du Soleil database. They kindly spent a few minutes to talk with my wife LouAnna and I.

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  • Dedicated to the Angels: A Review of Corteo

    Dedicated to the Angels: A Review of Corteo

    Corteo, Cirque du Soleil's latest touring show, opened in Montreal on April 21, 2005 and I, along with dozens of other Cirque fans, had the pleasure of seeing Corteo during its opening weekend. Directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca of Cirque Eloize fame, Corteo is a very different style of show for Cirque du Soleil and while reaction will undoubtedly be mixed, Corteo may be just what the company needs as a refreshing change to the style of their touring shows.

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  • Who Has What it Takes? (Part 3 of 4)

    Who Has What it Takes? (Part 3 of 4)

    The selection process, Richard comments, is like carving a statue. The Audition Team are the miners of the rock, while the Director of Creation and Artistic Directors are the carvers, taking the raw stone and creating a thing of beauty.

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  • New Kid on the Block — KÀ (Part 3 of 3)

    New Kid on the Block — KÀ (Part 3 of 3)

    With KÀ, it is evident that Cirque du Soleil set forth its loftiest set of goals ever and the production meets these goals with varying degrees of success. While I thoroughly enjoyed the show I also think that it still needs some work to be a truly great production.

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