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  • CirqueTech – Performance Spaces: La Nouba

    CirqueTech – Performance Spaces: La Nouba

    The La Nouba performance space is a collaboration of four entities: Cirque du Soleil, Scéno Plus, Walt Disney Imagineering and the Rockwell Group. All four worked together to design and construct what would be Cirque du Soleil’s first (and currently only, but that will change shortly with the construction of the Tokyo 2008 project) freestanding […]

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  • CirqueTech – Illuminating La Nouba

    CirqueTech – Illuminating La Nouba

    On August 10, 2006, La Nouba celebrated an impressive milestone – its five millionth guest – and I was in the audience celebrating! While I sat comfortably in my seat waiting for the show to begin, my mind wandered about the technical aspects of the lighting scheme. It’s a bizarre thing to think about just […]

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  • CirqueTech – Dralion at the RAH

    CirqueTech – Dralion at the RAH

    When Cirque du Soleil visits London with a touring production its setup is unlike anywhere else in the world. What makes London different than any other international city? The Royal Albert Hall (RAH). When Cirque comes to town their trademark blue-and-yellow swirled big top is not raised; instead, Cirque du Soleil resides inside this grand […]

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  • CirqueTech: Quidam Soundscape

    CirqueTech: Quidam Soundscape

    Have you ever wondered what technology goes into bringing each Cirque du Soleil show to life musically? In September 1996, Theater Crafts International (TCI) magazine took a peek into Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam – then, the newest touring show – and reviewed the music technology (specificially the speakers) the production was using. While this information […]

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  • CirqueTech: Love’s Psychedelic Panels

    CirqueTech: Love’s Psychedelic Panels

    Didyaknow that Salt Lake City-based 3Form Inc’s architectural resin panels are featured in Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE? You’ll find these panels at the entrance to LOVE’s theater; each step activates neon-colored lights in a custom glass and acrylic floor. Creating these panels wasn’t easy and you’ll find more about the construction of these panels by […]

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