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  • Issue #143: December 2015

    Issue #143: December 2015

    Welcome to the latest edition of Fascination, the Unofficial Cirque du Soleil Newsletter. It’s been quite a wild month, hasn’t it? Between the fervor around the announcement that Cirque2016 is officially Lúzia and SodaCirque (the previously announced musical collaboration between Cirque du Soleil and Soda Stereo), to the excitement surrounding TORUK-The First Flight’s premiere in […]

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  • Issue #142: November 2015

    Issue #142: November 2015

    Welcome to the latest edition of Fascination, the Unofficial Cirque du Soleil Newsletter. Just before press time, the Cirque fandom was all a-twitter over a website found by fans that purported to show extended tours for Quidam, Corteo, OVO, Kooza, and many other Cirque du Soleil shows – including the newest: Cirque 2016. Many of […]

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  • Issue #141: OCT 2015 – Released!

    Issue #141: OCT 2015 – Released!

    Welcome to the latest edition of Fascination, the Unofficial Cirque du Soleil Newsletter. Guess what? Cirque 2016 – the new touring show set to debut next spring – has a name! Although I do know what it is I’ve been sworn to secrecy, but fear not… an official announcement is due by mid-November. Of course […]

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  • Issue #140: SEP 2015 – Released!

    Issue #140: SEP 2015 – Released!

    Welcome to the latest edition of Fascination, the Unofficial Cirque du Soleil Newsletter. There’ve been quite a number of developments in the Cirque du Soleil world since we’ve last spoken – from the announcement of Cirque’s newest production designed specifically for Broadway, KURIOS celebrating a milestone (500th performance), JOYA also celebrating a milestone (250th performance), […]

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  • Issue #139: AUG 2015 – Released!

    Issue #139: AUG 2015 – Released!

    This month's issue: A conversation with Raphael Bëau, KURIOS Composer, and an overview of Varekai's new "Tales of the Forest" story, and more!

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  • Issue #138: JUL 2015 – Released!

    Issue #138: JUL 2015 – Released!

    This month's issue: Review of ONOD Fathom Event, Q&A's with Kit Chatham and KOOZA Wardrobe Dept, updates on BAZ from Robin Leach in Las Vegas, and more!

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  • Issue #137: JUN 2015 – Released!

    Issue #137: JUN 2015 – Released!

    This month's issue: More on TORUK, Keith has opinions on KURIOS under the Big Top and VAREKAI in Arena, and Vanity Fair talks up the 2013 accident at KA.

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  • Issue #136: MAY 2015 – Released!

    Issue #136: MAY 2015 – Released!

    This month: Cirque "Sells Out and Cashes In", announces AVATAR as "TORUK - The First Flight", Le Grand Concert comes to DVD, and more!

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  • Issue #135: APR 2015 – Released!

    Issue #135: APR 2015 – Released!

    This month: Cirque "Easin' on Down the Road"? Cirque For Sale?? TheChapiteau Interviews Andrii Bondarenko - Kurios, Hand Balancer, and more!

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  • Issue #134: MAR 2015 – Released!

    Issue #134: MAR 2015 – Released!

    This month: I muse about Varekai's tour, TheChapiteau Interviews Isabelle Corradi (Varekai’s Chanteuse) and Fernando Miro (The New Icarus), we get a glimpse of One Night for One Drop 3 (which debuts March 20th), and a “first look” at Cirque and Saban’s “Luna Petunia” project!

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  • Issue #133: FEB 2015 – Released!

    Issue #133: FEB 2015 – Released!

    This month: We hear from Dralion's Agnes Sohier, We wonder what people are saying about JOYA, a few thoughts on Le Grand Concert, and more!

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  • Issue #132: JAN 2015 – Released!

    Issue #132: JAN 2015 – Released!

    This Month: We bid goodbye to Dralion (who also celebrated its 5,000th show), we celebrate 10,000 performances of Mystere, we herald the return of KA's Battle Scene, Guy Laliberte Talks Cirque Business, Le Grand Concert is filmed and Broadcast on Television, KURIOS' CD is released to great fanfare, and Keith talks with Fabrice Lemiere, Varekai's Artistic Director and the man in charge of the show's conversion from Big Top to Arena.

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  • Issue #131: DEC 2014 – Released!

    Issue #131: DEC 2014 – Released!

    The latest issue of Fascination! the Unofficial Cirque du Soleil Newsletter is here! We’ve come to the end of another year here at Fascination and while we’d normally be settling in for some time with family and friends, for Cirque du Soleil they’re still hard at work. Case in point: the announcements just keep on […]

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  • Issue #130: NOV 2014 – Released!

    Issue #130: NOV 2014 – Released!

    To celebrate KÀ's momentous achievement, we've dug into our vast archives for something unique to share at this occasion, finding: "The KÀ Creators' Notebook". This journal, compiled and shared internally, features some very interesting behing-the-scenes notes regarding the creation of the MGM Grand show. Picking up just following the official press conference on September 15, 2004, we hear from Anh-Dao Bui (the Assistant to the Production Manager), Céciles Vignes (Internal Communications Advisor), and Stéphane Mongeau (Production Manager), as milestones in the show’s creation are reached – including living through a “Lion’s Den” performance!

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  • Issue #129: OCT 2014 – Released!

    Issue #129: OCT 2014 – Released!

    Inside the issue this month we hear from Keith Johnson who analyzes what Cirque is doing to save money on tour (cutting back on hours!), and also, a couple of months ago, our friends over at The Chapiteau had the opportunity to speak with the Moon Goddess of Amaluna - Marie-Michelle Faber - and they've graciously allowed us to reprint their fantastic interview with her for you!

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