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  • Issue #176: SEP 2018

    Issue #176: SEP 2018

    This Month: It's a Slow News Month: Volta Experiences a Splash, BMG Founders Step Back, and more!

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  • Issue #175: AUG 2018

    Issue #175: AUG 2018

    This Month: Our 175th issue! New Criss Angel Show in Vegas, "Juste une p'tite nuite" a success, DIVA launches, more about Bazzar, and more!

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  • Issue #174: JUL 2018

    Issue #174: JUL 2018

    This Month: Cirque Acquires VStar Entertainment, BAZZAR Announced!, Cirque Launching CREACTIVE in Malls, And a new Rosé Wine... and more!

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  • Issue #173: JUN 2018

    Issue #173: JUN 2018

    This Month: Elena Lev to return to Alegria, Volta on Bell Fibe, Septimo Dia on final farewell tour, and more!

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  • Issue #172: MAY 2018

    Issue #172: MAY 2018

    This Month: An Icon Returns - Alegria! Cirque's Change in Direction; VOLTA returns to the stage; 45 Degrees in the news; and more!

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  • Issue #171: APR 2018

    Issue #171: APR 2018

    This Month: Volta and Cirque in mourning; a show with horses?; Cirque in Saudi Arabia; No more Theme Park; and more!

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  • Issue #170: MAR 2018

    Issue #170: MAR 2018

    This Month: Corteo relaunches! Paramour is back! Check out One Night for One Drop 2018 and CRYSTAL via Press Kit texts, and a lot, lot more!

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  • Issue #169: FEB 2018

    Issue #169: FEB 2018

    This Month: The rumor mill is full (Alegria returns!, Delays at the Park, Cirque 2018?, Pan's Labyrinth?!), Pollstar's 2017 numbers come in, and a lot, lot more!

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  • Issue #168: JAN 2018

    Issue #168: JAN 2018

    This Month: Goodbye Varekai, Farewell La Nouba. Adios Criss Angel? Review of ARTE's version of "O" and a lot more!

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  • Issue #167: DEC 2017

    Issue #167: DEC 2017

    This Month: Corteo is back! "O" was filmed! Big Top show 2018?! NFL Experience makes its debut, and much, much more!

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  • Issue #166: NOV 2017

    Issue #166: NOV 2017

    This Month: Hommage #4 Announced, Fan Reviews of Shows, Crystal in the Press, ONOD 6 and more!

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  • Issue #165: OCT 2017

    Issue #165: OCT 2017

    This Month: Hommage Series Extended to 2024! Volta CD Released! Crystal Debuts! Reviews of VOLTA in Toronto, and more!

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  • Issue #164: SEP 2017

    Issue #164: SEP 2017

    This Month: Volta CD to be released September 19th! Reviews of VOLTA from Gatineau - great! Las Vegas shows celebrate milestones, and more!

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  • Issue #163: AUG 2017

    Issue #163: AUG 2017

    This Month: New Show for Luxor in 2019? Pollstar numbers are in! STONE, Creactive Opio, and more!

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  • Issue #162: JUL 2017

    Issue #162: JUL 2017

    This Month: Cirque Buys Blue Man Group! Volta Recorded. More Webseries on the way. REFLEKT. STELAR. And more!

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