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  • Luzia Press Conference

    Luzia Press Conference

    The wait is now over! Let Cirque du Soleil immerse you into the world of LUZIA with these amazing 3 acts!

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  • LUZIA Press Conference – Music

    LUZIA Press Conference – Music

    The music of LUZIA takes the audience on an incandescent journey to the heart of the show’s imaginary Mexico. The score whisks spectators away on a voyage of exploration that takes them from a traditional village to a desert by way of a tropical jungle, to the seaside and all the way to an alleyway in a bustling metropolis.

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  • LUZIA Press Conference – Set Design

    LUZIA Press Conference – Set Design

    Set Designer Eugenio Caballero had three overriding objectives when he envisioned the LUZIA set. First, he wanted to convey the idea of monumentality and of grandeur commonly associated with Mexico. Second, he wanted to make sure that each spectator would have a great view of all of the acts, regardless of where they are sitting under the Big Top. And third, he set out to create an environment where location and timeline changes would be quick and seamless.

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  • LUZIA Press Conference – Costumes

    LUZIA Press Conference – Costumes

    When Costume Designer Giovanna Buzzi sat down with the co-authors of LUZIA to imagine the costumes, they decided to steer clear of the folkloric aspects of Mexico and Mexican culture and to avoid potential clichés, especially when it comes to the color palette.

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  • ABOUT TORUK: The Na’vi Spoken In The Show

    ABOUT TORUK: The Na’vi Spoken In The Show

    Oel ngati kameie. | I see you. Stä’nì oet, txo tsun! | Catch me if you can! Mawey, ma prrnen, mawey. | Calm down, my child, calm down. Uvan si mì sengo alahe, ma eveng. | Go play somewhere else, children. Pxoeng tìkangkem si ko! | Let us work! Tìng tsat oer! | Give it […]

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  • ABOUT TORUK: The Navi Sound (Music)

    ABOUT TORUK: The Navi Sound (Music)

    Composers and Musical Directors Bob & Bill had to meet the challenge of creating otherworldly music that captures the vibe of Pandora, in addition to composing cinematic-sounding transitions between scenes that blend perfectly with the “Na’vi” sound. The Navi Sound The composers lugged their equipment out in the woods to record the beats for the […]

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  • ABOUT TORUK: Movement-Kites

    ABOUT TORUK: Movement-Kites

    In the show, vigorous multicolored kites glide gracefully up above then swoop down, banking hard right and left in the blink of an eye, rising up again in power climbs before falling into spins and pulling out mere inches from the ground. On stage, these ingenious contraptions are the physical manifestations of the Banshees that […]

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  • ABOUT TORUK: Acrobatic Performance & Choreography

    ABOUT TORUK: Acrobatic Performance & Choreography

    One of the biggest challenges during the creation of TORUK – The First Flight was to figure out how to portray the Na’vi in their “natural” environment in a credible way. Hence the idea of developing a different acrobatic language for this show. Acrobatic Narrative The creative team wanted to convey the strength, physicality and […]

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  • ABOUT TORUK: Puppets

    ABOUT TORUK: Puppets

    When he dreamed up AVATAR, James Cameron created a coherent, highly structured world with its own set of codes and natural laws, including a living, breathing ecosystem with an exotic fauna. When the creators of TORUK – The First Flight decided to evoke the creatures of Pandora on stage through the art of puppetry, they […]

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  • ABOUT TORUK: Costumes & Makeup

    ABOUT TORUK: Costumes & Makeup

    When she took on the challenge of interpreting for the stage the animated characters in AVATAR through costumes, Costume Designer Kym Barrett set out to respect the dress codes established by James Cameron’s team without copying exactly what was done in the movie. “While we worked within the parameters of Pandora, we had room to […]

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  • ABOUT TORUK: Set Design & Props

    ABOUT TORUK: Set Design & Props

    Pandora is a fictional moon orbiting the gas giant Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri system, the closest star system to our sun. It is home to the Na’vi, a highly spiritual people with a deep connection to nature. The moon’s environments range from tropical rainforest and equatorial desert to boreal forest, mountains, ocean shorelines, wetlands, […]

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  • ABOUT TORUK: Projections & Multimedia Content

    ABOUT TORUK: Projections & Multimedia Content

    TORUK – The First Flight blends the world of AVATAR and the signature style of Cirque du Soleil with the pioneering artistic vision of multimedia stage directors Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon. Pandora in All Its Splendor Lemieux and Pilon, who also wrote the show, sought to convey the awe-inspiring beauty and vital impetus of […]

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